Under the Moon’s Enchantment

Aug 31, 12:37 pm

I am sitting down to write on Thursday morning still under the strong influence of the full moon (which is why I’m drinking blue waterlily tea). I had a terrible sleep, waking up all night with every fear and anxiety that the night could throw at me. My north node is in Pisces, my destiny is in Pisces. Why are we so afraid of our destiny? I know one reason, because we don’t know what it is. It’s totally unknown so therefore it could be terrible. Better play safe and hide from it. That’s the old paradigm talking. That’s the dark inner fears and illusions of the psyche who still remembers witch burnings like they were yesterday talking.

When I was a teenager in the 80s I was drawn to witchcraft, like many young women are today, except it wasn’t common at all. In fact tarot reading had just recently been legalized (thank you Z. Budapest!), and we were still very much in the dark ages. I kept all my experiences quiet. But when I was 20 I was able to get my hands on a book by Laurie Cabot, a Celtic witch, which allowed me to learn and practice in a good way. I still have that well loved and worn book.

Nowadays witchcraft is popular and everywhere, like astrology, tarot, and yoga, there has been a boom in the esoteric arts and it has developed into a multi billion dollar industry! Wow, in my lifetime. But also in my lifetime we have experienced a massive species and habitat decline that is putting the world in a very dangerous place. Many of the books, websites, movies, online courses, thought leaders, and influencers of witchcraft are focusing on empowerment (at best), which is indeed the first step…getting our power back. But now we have to turn our minds towards what we do with this power.

Witchcraft is rooted in nature, it will not exist in a technological world. The sci-fi futuristic world of robots, flying cars, and controlled weather, is not the world of witches. And because the world of witches is the world of animals, plants, trees, and stones, it is also the world of humans. The witch world is the elemental world, which is everybody’s world whether we realize it or not.

In my more mystical moments I would say that the witches are coming back. All the ones who died in Europe are finally awakening again through us because they are our ancestors, and they are here for a reason. Witches are the healers, the caretakers, the stewards of the earth. They are the shamans, the magical thinkers, the ones in relationship with the living universe. They keep our world in balance and harmony. And they are greatly needed now. Because the world of flying cars, robots and genetically engineered nature, is not a human world.

Something that I’ve come to understand over the many years of study, is that witches are very normal people. In fact they are the MOST normal people because their cellular memory is very old. They aren’t as hypnotized by modern culture. The real ones aren’t anyway. Most of what I read in current life coaching, manifesting, and self help teachings is strait out of the Wicca books of the 80s and 90s. It’s the same, (called spells) just without nature and the gods and goddesses…which means it’s the same but without the sexy juicy fun and without real power. Who wants that!!? Forget it. That’s not life. I’m not here for a watered down pre-digested version of life, I’m here for the real messy wild imperfect divine thing! That’s life, that’s witchcraft.