Year Long Shamanic Training 2024/25 WOW

Beginning in June!

Basic Information for Level 1 Training in Intentional Shamanism

Level 1 training begins on June 23rd and runs until June 2025

We meet on Zoom twice a month on the second Wednesday and the 3rd Sunday. (Unless there is a holiday or unforeseen circumstances).
We also have a private FB group to meet and share in.

⭐️Live Meetings⭐️

Sundays from 5:00 – 7:30PM Atlantic Time

Wednesdays from 7:00 – 8:00PM Atlantic Time

Every live class is recorded in case you miss one or you live in an incompatible time zone.

The rest of the material will be shared through pre-recorded videos on my Thinkific site.

This 12 month class is developed to align with the seasons and the cycles of the earth to help support you.

Here’s a quick journey through the year of shamanic training:

☀️We start the class at the beginning of summer, in order to gently ease into the work and enjoy ourselves and our connection with nature. Shamanism is primarily about building relationships -with the earth, ourselves, our bodies, and the spiritual worlds that support life. Coming into relationship with all that is, seen and unseen, is a wonderful way to enter into summertime. It is also wonderful time to explore plant spirit medicine.

☀️By the time fall comes around you will feel established and connected with the work. Moving into autumn, we experience the plants dying back, the leaves falling, and the cold winds coming… it is a perfect time to work with death and dying, bone medicine, and psychopomp.

☀️Then in the winter, when all is at rest and our northern lands are cold, we enter into the dream time for visioning and divination. There is also a creative project to work on.

☀️When we are ready for rebirth in the spring, we will learn about the pathways of the soul and practice soul retrieval. We will also learn to embody deeper aspects of our spirit helpers.

⭐️The whole year is an initiation!⭐️

As you see, there is a lovely flow to the year, as each class builds on the other and you gain confidence in the practice as you develop your skills. There is a lot to learn this year as we dive into healing ourselves and learning to bring those healing gifts and skills to others.

In year 2, beginning June 2025, we go much deeper into the practice of being a shamanic healer for others. So year 1 is about getting very clear with your Self and your practice.

$1200 for the entire year. If you register before May 24.
$1325 for the year if you register after May 24th
Payment plans available.

To complete your registration please send $100 to me via e-transfer or PayPal.

Some of the topics we will be studying are:

Plant spirit medicine and plant journeys Power animal journeys
Ancient Ancestors
Spirit of Place
Long distance healing
Animal spirit retrieval for others Healing Songs
5 element practices
Faery relationships
Singing, dancing, drumming, Death realms
Psychic protection
Spiritual Intrusions
Sound Healing
Ancestral healing
Releasing burdens
Earth ceremonies
Crystal Beings
Weather spirits
Soul Stealing and Returning

⭐️You will need to have journey experience in at least the Upper and Lower spirit worlds to attend this class. If you do not have that, please take my Intro to Shamanic Journeying course on my Thinkific site. This class is affordable at $59 for over 3 hours of pre recorded videos.
You don’t have to be a perfect practitioner, you just need to have experience with the basic practice of which all others build on. If you are thinking about it, but don’t feel you are ready, please get in touch (you might be surprised!).

⭐️If you feel like you might have a shamanic calling or a shamanic longing, but perhaps you are doubting your experience or feelings, this is normal, and you will learn more about why this is so in the class. (Hint: it’s real, don’t ignore it. The earth needs you to get your power back)

⭐️Remember, you are not alone, ever, and being around like minded people surrounded by the love of the helping spirits can bring such joy and lightness to your heart. When we remember our birthright to be with the spirits, we loose our sense of isolation. We come back home.

⭐️Come and join us from where ever you live! A wonderful circle is gathering already. I’ve sent out some preliminary writing and journey practices to do as soon as you register, to get you in the swing of things. And there will be more pre-class practices coming!

Please contact me if you would like more information on our upcoming practitioner training starting in June.



Take the Intro Class at your leisure on my new Thinkific site!

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We are all born with beautiful magic. Perhaps you sense it but haven’t explored it yet. Maybe you are looking for help and guidance to direct your gifts so they can be focused on healing, well being, and the good of all. Perhaps you don’t even know what your gifts are and want a time honoured way of discovering and cultivating them?

Shamanism is the best way I know to embrace our divine power in right relationship with all beings. By co-creating our lives with compassionate spirits we can stay true to our hearts and be a benefit to life on our planet.

Shamanism is a practice of entering into spiritual reality to engage with spiritual beings who can guide and direct us in alignment with the earth as the guiding principle. We want to do something, to act, to help. We want to open our hearts and awaken to life. Working with your spirit helpers regularly will give you the strength, courage, and wisdom to do what you were here to do. Live your purpose.

We enter into this profound spiritual relationship through song, dance, prayer, meditation, and the shamanic journey. So first, we need to learn the methods.

In this two day class, you will:

learn the method of the shamanic journey

Discover the pathways to the upper and lower worlds of spirit

Meet your power animal and tutelary spirit who live in these non-ordinary realms

Develop solid and efficient steps to journey safely as often as you want in order to gain wisdom and healing for yourself and the earth

Learn simple grounding, centering, and clearing methods to keep your energy body stable

Learn new skills to take your practice deeper

try out our weekly journey circle

be eligible to take more advanced classes in shamanism including the year long apprenticeship

Shamanism is a cross cultural practice rooted in indigenous wisdom; it’s methods go back thousands of years to the worlds first peoples. We are all descended from indigenous people, and our ancient ancestors are just on the other side ready and waiting to help us back home.