Medicine Woman Training



Please check in periodically to see what is new. All classes must be pre-registered with a deposit. Please contact me through my contact page. If there is a class you would like to take but can not make the date, I also teach privately. I look forward to welcoming you in my space to learn.


DIVINE FLOW Mini Retreat

Cultivating Balance and Harmony for Body, Mind, and Spirit

  • Zoom Class*
    Saturday June 13th
    $30, or pay what you can
    Divine Flow Mini Retreat is a shorter version of my full day workshop.

I will be sharing the fundamentals of energy hygiene and nature alignment to keep your nervous system functioning during stressful times. These enjoyable accessible practices, when done over time, can really land you in a deeper healing space of embodiment and empowerment.

This Saturday we will focus on the lower 3 chakras where most of us could use more awareness. These body spaces can be triggering for those who have experienced physical or sexual harm, so please make sure you are ready to bring your awareness there. I will also share techniques to cleanse and protect your personal space and release heavy draining energy from the body or home.

Please pre-register with payment, and I will send you the zoom link.

Also, we will be taking 10 minute breaks each hour to clear our energy from Zooming, so make sure you have some snacks and drinks on hand for yourself.


Nature Art Ceremony

Live Video Class on Zoom with outdoor component

Saturday June 20th
1:00-4:00 PM
$25 or pay what you can

Moments in time such as these don’t happen every day. This Saturday on the Summer Solstice, as the sun transitions into Cancer we will also experience our annual solar eclipse. Eclipses happen twice a year and have life changing effects on all of us. They are how we grow and change. Please join us on Zoom in ceremony to Co-create with the cosmic forces to enhance your life and honour this special day within a magical community.

We will begin and end on Zoom for opening and closing ceremonies. The middle part is yours to go out into nature and create your own ritual. Some ideas from past participants are: making a fire ceremony, drawing sacred art, creating earth art or flower mandala, dancing, sitting in silence, writing, lying and breathing, singing, herb harvesting, or some of each. The main purpose is to get out and celebrate while in a sacred container of intentional community. This has proven to be very effective on Zoom.

To prepare, you may reflect on what you want in your life. What do you want to see happen in the second half of the year. What changes do you need to make? What are you to harvest? What bold new step can you take this summer that is in alignment with your soul’s purpose and destiny? How can you make a stand for the earth?

Please email me to register.
And hope to see you next week at our journey circle!

What you will need:

-Backpack Or bag
-Journal and pen
-Sketch book and drawing materials, or any sacred object that you will need for your outdoor experience.
-snacks and drinking water
-hat, sunglasses, tick spray,warm clothes etc…

For those who can not leave their land, the back/front yard is perfect. For those who can not leave their house, or if it’s a downpour – you can still have an art/nature ceremony indoors. Just have all your materials ready Beforehand.

Please pre register with payment and I will send you the zoom link.



Live Video Class over Zoom

Saturday April 18 11AM – 2PM
Sunday April 19th 11AM – 2PM

$50 (discounted price for this session)

We are all born with beautiful magic. Many of us may be feeling this magic wanting to burst out of us into the world right now. But we are looking for help and guidance to direct that magic so it can be focused on healing, well being, and the good of all.

Shamanism is the best way I know to direct our magic in right relationship.

Shamanism is a practice of entering into spiritual reality to engage our magic with spiritual beings who can guide and direct us with the evolution of the earth as the guiding principle. We want to do something, to act, to help. Working with your spirit helpers regularly will give you the strength, courage, and wisdom to do what you were here to do. Live your purpose.

We enter into this profound spiritual relationship through the shamanic journey. So first, we need to learn the method.

In this two day class, you will:

learn the method of the shamanic journey

Discover the pathways to the upper and lower worlds of spirit

Meet your power animal and tutelary spirit who live in these distant realms

Develop solid and efficient steps to journey safely as often as you want in order to gain wisdom and healing for yourself and the earth

Learn simple grounding, centering, and clearing methods to keep your energy body stable

Learn new skills to take your practice deeper

have access to my online weekly drumming circle and newsletter

Shamanism is a cross cultural practice rooted in indigenous wisdom; it’s methods go back thousands of years to the worlds first peoples. We are all descended from indigenous people, and our ancient ancestors are just on the other side ready and waiting to help us back home.


Year Long Shamanic Apprenticeship Training Level 1


Our Apprenticeship Circle for 2020 is full. Please contact me if you would like to add your name to next year’s program.

4 Long weekends per year, plus monthly zoom meetings. 

May 1,2,3
July 31, August 1,2
November 6,7,8
January TBA
Blandford, NS

Pre-registration fee $200

This is a year long commitment in shamanic training, set up in 4 modules. Content will be organized and presented in a wheel of the year format aligning with the natural flow and rhythm of the earth. 

Each season’s module will contain shamanic practices of
-power building,
-sound doctoring,
-faery and elemental relationship,
-advanced shamanic healing instruction,
-hollow bone work.

Students will be entering a year of deep shamanic and personal gnosis, full of initiations and new discoveries.

The purpose of this training is to build strong, fulfilling, ethical, and authentic shamanic practices that get results, and to join in a practitioner circle for personal and collective healing.


Shaman’s Heart Journey Circle

Tuesday Evenings
7-8 PM on Zoom
No charge or donation

This journey circle was formed with the intention to provide dedicated practitioners with a space to Journey once a week in a circle with others. If you are a shamanic practitioner or interested in trying it out, you are welcome to come join us. It is a time of peace and deep reverence with Spirit.

This is a LOVELY way to settle into the week and create some sacred space for yourself.

If this time does not work for you, please let me know. If necessary I will create a second time.

Contact me to be put on the list, which includes the weekly intention and zoom link.


Women’s Oracle Training

Seidr – Women’s Nordic Oracle Training

TBA October 2020
10:30 – 5:00
Blandford, NS Note date change

In earlier times women held positions of power because of their intimate connection with the Mother Goddess Earth. One of these great positions was that of the Oracle where women would sit in spiritual places and channel the wisdom of the Divine Feminine. All over the world women oracles would be consulted by individuals, families, and rulers to determine the correct way to live in right relationship with the earth and all beings. As patriarchal religious practices took over, the female Oracle was dismissed.
… but not lost.
We have the Oracle still within us, often it comes as a yearning to speak, or make sound, or be spoken through. Our bodies are ecstatic, oracular, and mediumistic and we crave this relationship again, but aren’t always sure how to proceed. I felt this for years until finally studying Seidr, a Norse oracular practice, in 2011.

This contemporary adaptation of the Norse Seidr (sythe) or High Seat, is a simple and fun way to begin oracular work. It requires some comfort with ritual, song, interacting with the spirit world, and the ability to go into light trance. Most women find it easy to do, because we were BORN to do this.

Our day will consist of a talk explaining the practice and ritual, followed by a number of guided journeys to get people acquainted with the places in the unseen realms where the oracle dwells. Next we will enact a High Seat ceremony with songs and trance induction. Students will participate by either being a singer or the Oracle herself.

The traditional role of the Oracle was to reveal hidden information, function as a healer, or interact with elemental forces of nature. In our training day, we will be asking questions pertaining to our life’s path, much like how you would consult an oracle deck or tarot. Please consider what you would like to ask the Oracle on this very special day.


Introduction to Shamanic Healing

October 2020 TBA
10:30 4:30

This two day workshop takes you deeper into shamanic practices for the healing and wellbeing of yourself and friends, pets, and the earth. The class will focus on practitioners having a strong energy body, clear protection, sound ethics, and practical healing skills. You must have a good relationship with your helping spirits and be comfortable journeying in the upper and lower worlds.

This class is for those wishing to add a healing component to their personal practice, and for those who wish to build the foundational tools of the Healer. It will prepare you for deeper practices such as psychopomp, compassionate deposession, and soul retrieval.

If you are interested in this class but have not yet taken a journey class please register for the October 05th class. It will also be helpful if you take the Divine Flow class in early November.


Rune Chant, Journey Circle, and Sacred Art


Start 2020 with power and purpose
January 5 12-4
Must pre-register.

Come for an afternoon of divination, rune chanting, shamanic journeying, and art making. Nestled in the cave of winter we will be, -a perfect time for singing, spell weaving, and dreaming for the year to come. Bring your colours, sketchbooks, drums, rattles, runes, and oracle cards. Take this day for yourself to create a strong container for 2020. It’s going to be a big one.

When you register with payment, I’ll send a detailed description of what to bring. Prepare for this day of magic by releasing and cleansing on the winter solstice or new moon eclipse on Christmas Day. You have 2 chances this year to cleanse and purge the old year. Take some time to rest over the holy days, and come on the eve of Epiphany with hearts on fire for a powerful new year.

I look forward to starting the new year with you. Please join us!