Programs, Classes, and Workshops

Please check in periodically to see what is happening. If there is a class you are interested in, but do not see here, please contact me. It may be in the works, and I can also arrange private mentoring in shamanism, divination, and creative art making.

Please contact me to register for all events.



Inner Beauty Energy Healing

Mini Shamanic and Energy Healing with Starflower Essences

Be Gorgeous Cosmetics

April 13th

These lovely short treatments of sound and crystal healing, tuning fork facials, or short shamanic sessions are a great way to come and meet me and or enjoy an energy tune up for spring. I will also be recommending Starflower Chakra Blends which can be purchased in the store.


Please make an appointment with the owner Tim MacPhee, ahead of time as spaces are limited.


Be Gorgeous Cosmetics
Spring Garden Rd
Halifax NS B3J 1G5


Ancient Practices Workshops and Retreats

New Ancient Practices for Women Retreat

We are thrilled to offer you our level 2 -Audumbla retreat on the beautiful south shore of Nova Scotia on the Summer Solstice!
June 21 -23 Port Joli NS

In this retreat, as in all the work we do, we will offer a sense of fun, care, connection, and attention to detail as we take you through the ancient wise woman ways of oracle, divination, and body/earth wisdom. We will also be diving into deeper territory by making a personal staff, charging it, and using it to assist us in our practices. The staff is part of our ancient grandmother’s “power kit” and it is a unique and special experience to create one in a circle of women in nature!

Price $425

Fall Equinox Retreat: Ancient Practices Level 1 : Mamatus

Go to to learn more!



Spiritual and subtle body practices for personal empowerment

Spring 2019
Early bird price $75
Pre-registration required

Energy Hygiene is an embodied method taught in 4 simple components:

Boundaries and Protection

Earthing and Centring

Clearing and Releasing

Creativity and Empowerment

In each component you will learn and experience practices to help you engage the body’s energy system and your own sense of empowerment. From the day, you will leave with tools to help you be in the world in a new way.

In every moment we have a choice to be constricted or to be open. In order to be open, we need to feel safe and contained, earthed and supported. We spend our lives building walls and defences in order to feel safe inside, we also create external structures of to do lists, obligations, and material possessions, just to feel like we can live without experiencing pain or harm.

Learning to live with an inner sense of balance and safety is a way forward out of the old patterns of business and defence.

Releasing other people’s energy and our old patterns from our bodies, minds, and spaces will give us the room we need to make changes happen. Changes which are grounded in our souls purpose on earth.

Slowing down and engaging our body’s power centres can ignite tremendous amounts of creative energy. The energy we need to create the life we want to live.

Learn to be truly earthed, safe, and clear, so that you can be open to receive the beauty of life that surrounds you.

Please bring:

-comfortable clothes
-slippers if you need them, as shoes will be left at the door.
-lunch (snacks and coffee or tea will be provided)
-journal and pen




May 18th 2019
$early bird $75 until May 01
Please bring potluck lunch

Pre-registration necessary $20 deposit

-learn the basic structure of the core shamanic journey
-meet your power animal and tutelary spirit in the upper and lower worlds
-engage in powerful shamanic practices to ground and centre you and keep you safe

Shamanic journeying is an ancient technique allowing the practitioner access to the realm of spirit in order to experience direct revelation. The methods are simple to learn but take time to master. This connection of direct spiritual communication for healing, wisdom, and protection is cross cultural and our birthright to practice openly and freely.

Please join us on this powerful day where you will learn:

-cross cultural stable methods of journeying to access your spirit helpers that already know you and love you.
-effective techniques to clear, ground, and centre yourself and keep your boundaries intact.
-ways to create a discerning no nonsense spiritual practice with YOUR spiritual helpers and ancestral lineage in order to activate and embody your soul’s purpose on earth.

Please bring:
yoga mat and cushion
Head pillow and blanket
Eye covering
Journal and pen
Drum or rattle if you have them -jar of beans if you don’t
Lunch item to share

This class gives you the qualifications to take advanced shamanic classes with me.

Psychotherapists and other registered health professionals. You may be eligible for CE credits within your certification system.


When you have registered
I will send you further info to prepare.