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Classes in Living Magic



Please check in periodically to see what is new. All classes must be pre-registered with a deposit. Please contact me through my contact page. If there is a class you would like to take but can not make the date, I also teach privately. I look forward to welcoming you in my space to learn.


Illuminate - Creative Art Retreat

Chester Art Centre

Oct 22, 29, Nov 5, 12 10:00am – 1:00pm

$175 – please register and pay with the Chester Art Centre.

Illuminate Creative Art Retreat

Are you having trouble finding time for your art practice or are in need of some new skills or ideas? Would you like some time to breathe, reflect, journal, and create in an inspirational atmosphere? Would you like to explore art with other creative beings?

Making art for your own pleasure and joy can move stuck energy, loosen creative blocks, build confidence, and honestly change your life. It has mine by consistently showing up for the practice, which I have been doing for the past 25 years. Shifting expectations is key; instead of needing to make a masterpiece and then falling short, we can begin to look at art making as a way to engage with life force. Like a conversation, or dialogue where you show up every day as who you are and you make your mark, what ever that is.

Like the moon art can be constant, moody, changeable, emotional, mysterious and illuminating. In essence, art can be magic.

In this four day retreat class I want to share with you that art can be fun, transformational, joyful, reflective, and even sacred. Each class will be structured for your mind/body/spirit to support creative flow and will proceed as follows:

Awakening the Breath and Body. Focus and centring exercises to ground and ignite your energy and help you get loose and receptive.

Creative Illumination. Two dimensional and writing exercises to generate authenticity of ideas and expression. This is where we explore, share, and give ourselves over to the muses.

Contemplation and Closure. We will end each class with a longer more intimate drawing study for pure joy and pleasure, and finish the day with a small gratitude ritual.

We will be working mostly in drawing mediums and watercolours in sketchbook and journals. Two of the larger projects will be a mini book and a small divination deck so you may want a few sheets nicer watercolour paper. Here’s a short supply list and a long one will be given upon registration. Any level of experience is welcome from absolute beginners to seasoned artists looking for inspiration. I hope you’ll join us.

Short Supply List

Get the best quality you can afford, but absolutely anything will do!

-Mixed palate of watercolours, minimum 12 half pan set or equivalent in tubes. Winsor and Newton is good.
-Variety of synthetic watercolour brushes from large to micro (at least 3 different sizes sm, m, l).
-Plain white porcelain plate for colour mixing.
-Watercolour or mixed media sketchbook Fabriano or Canson at least 7 × 10
-Watercolour paper what ever you can afford. 9 × 12 Fabriano Studio watercolour Hot pressed 25% cotton is a good inexpensive option.
-Glue stick
-Blue reusable masking tape
- Pencil case: (pencils, waterproof black ink pens, eraser, coloured pencils, strait edge, pencil sharpener, scotch tape, washi tape etc…)

A more detailed list of studio supply options can be provided upon registration.



Live Video Class over Zoom

Coming over a seeking in November 2021
11AM – 2PM both days

For those in financial need, please inquire.

We are all born with beautiful magic. Perhaps you sense it but haven’t cultivated it yet. Maybe you are looking for help and guidance to direct that magic so it can be focused on healing, well being, and the good of all.

Shamanism is the best way I know to direct our divine power in right relationship with all beings.

Shamanism is a practice of entering into spiritual reality to engage our energy and will with spiritual beings who can guide and direct us with the evolution of the earth as the guiding principle. We want to do something, to act, to help. We want to open our hearts and awaken to life. Working with your spirit helpers regularly will give you the strength, courage, and wisdom to do what you were here to do. Live your purpose.

We enter into this profound spiritual relationship through the shamanic journey. So first, we need to learn the method.

In this two day class, you will:

learn the method of the shamanic journey

Discover the pathways to the upper and lower worlds of spirit

Meet your power animal and tutelary spirit who live in these distant realms

Develop solid and efficient steps to journey safely as often as you want in order to gain wisdom and healing for yourself and the earth

Learn simple grounding, centering, and clearing methods to keep your energy body stable

Learn new skills to take your practice deeper

have access to my online weekly drumming circle and newsletter

Shamanism is a cross cultural practice rooted in indigenous wisdom; it’s methods go back thousands of years to the worlds first peoples. We are all descended from indigenous people, and our ancient ancestors are just on the other side ready and waiting to help us back home.


Shaman’s Heart Journey Circle

Tuesday Evenings
7-8 PM on Zoom
$10 suggested donation

This journey circle was formed with the intention to provide dedicated practitioners with a space to Journey once a week in a circle with others. If you are a shamanic practitioner or interested in trying it out, you are welcome to come join us. It is a time of peace and deep reverence with Spirit.

This is a LOVELY way to settle into the week and create some sacred space for yourself.

If this time does not work for you, please let me know. If necessary I will create a second time.

Contact me to be put on the list, which includes the weekly intention and zoom link.