Programs, Classes, and Workshops

Please check in periodically to see what is new. All classes must be pre-registered with a deposit. Please contact me through my contact page. If there is a class you would like to take but can not make the date, I also teach privately. I look forward to welcoming you in my space to learn.


Ancient Practices Workshops and Retreats

Ancient Practices for Women Retreat

We are thrilled to offer you our 2nd Annual Mammatus retreat on the beautiful south shore of Nova Scotia on the Fall Equinox!

September 21, 22 Port Joli NS

We are very excited to offer you this opportunity of growth, well being, and peace interwoven with ancestral wise women practices. Our ancient grandmothers knew how to bring themselves and their community back into balance with beautiful healing ceremonies and life skills. Our retreat will share some of these simple yet profound practices for you to cultivate in your own daily lives promoting balance and peace in these chaotic times.

The retreat will be led by Beth Lenco, shamanic practitioner, artist and healer, and Kath Perry, business leader, yogi and shamanic student.

During this 2 day retreat we will experience the ancient practices of scrying, sound healing, oracle, fire ceremony and body earth movement- all within the container of joyful play in nature. We serve you delightful home cooked food (local organic where possible). You will leave lighter, more grounded and centred with perhaps new skills and friends to take forward into your lives.

The session will be held at the Harrison Lewis Coastal Discovery Centre in Port Joli Nova Scotia

Please contact Beth or Kath if you are interested and would like more information.
Thank you!

Price $350 all inclusive.

Go to to learn more!



Spiritual and subtle body practices for energetic support

Saturday November 02 2019
Blandford, NS
$95 if you register before October 01
Simple lunch and snacks provided.

Divine Flow (formally Energy Hygiene) is a day of spiritual and energetic practices to help you bring more self care into your daily life. I will be sharing the fundamental tools in Energy Hygiene of grounding, centring, and releasing, combined with relaxation and divine surrender. You will get the same basic skill set, with more time to integrate and receive. It will feel less like a class and more like an energy retreat!

This class is especially helpful for shamanic students, energy practitioners, yoga teachers, psychologists and other counsellors, and anyone who feels they are extra sensitive, psychic, or empathic. I have developed this class from over 10 years of my own training, experience, and research to help me stay grounded, centred, and open to life.



Saturday October 05 2019
$early bird $85
Please bring potluck lunch

Pre-registration necessary $20 deposit

-learn the basic structure of the core shamanic journey
-meet your power animal and tutelary spirit in the upper and lower worlds
-engage in powerful shamanic practices to ground and centre you and keep you safe

Shamanic journeying is an ancient technique allowing the practitioner access to the realm of spirit in order to experience direct revelation. The methods are simple to learn but take time to master. This connection of direct spiritual communication for healing, wisdom, and protection is cross cultural and our birthright to practice openly and freely.

Please join us on this powerful day where you will learn:

-cross cultural stable methods of journeying to access your spirit helpers that already know you and love you.
-effective techniques to clear, ground, and centre yourself and keep your boundaries intact.
-ways to create a discerning no nonsense spiritual practice with YOUR spiritual helpers and ancestral lineage in order to activate and embody your soul’s purpose on earth.

Please bring:
yoga mat and cushion
Head pillow and blanket
Eye covering
Journal and pen
Drum or rattle if you have them -jar of beans if you don’t
Lunch item to share

This class gives you the qualifications to take advanced shamanic classes with me.

Psychotherapists and other registered health professionals. You may be eligible for CE credits within your certification system.


When you have registered
I will send you further info to prepare.



Art Exploration Day

Fall Harvest Watercolours

Sunday October 27, 2019
Blandford, NS
12 – 5PM
$90 Supplies included

Celebrate the season with a rich and joyful afternoon of watercolour discovery.
I will provide paper, colours, brushes, and the fruits and flowers of fall for you to relax and enjoy the light beauty and ease of drawing in colour.
I will be sharing with you simple and fun exercises to engage you in the process of seeing and painting. We will do some energy work to get us started and a charming seasonal blessing ritual to celebrate the Celtic new year. Snacks provided.


Introduction to Money Shamanism

Saturday November 30th
Sunday December 01
10:30 4:30

This is an intermediate journey class based on healing wounds around money and establishing a foundational relationship with the spiritual forces of financial exchange. Through shamanic journeys and embodiment exercises, we will be exploring ancestral patterns and beliefs which could be keeping us stuck in unhelpful financial relationships. This is not a manifesting class, but more of an exploration of healing wisdom applied to our money practices.

Basic journey skills required.