Jun 10, 10:20 AM

We are in a cycle of 3 eclipses right now. One happened Friday, the next will be June 20th and the next July 5th. These are chaotic mutable times. Good necessary change is happening although it might look and feel horrible. A light is finally being shone on White Supremacy, finally. I have been in discussions all week with my online business community and we are experiencing messy, uncomfortable awakening. Those who think things should stay as they are, or that everyone should just get along and move on, will be left out. As I said in a post last week, “THIS is what Awakening looks like”. It’s not all Love and Light, and it’s not pretty.

If you don’t know what to do right now, just listen. Read books, go on websites, explore what is being asked of you by the Black community. Silence is truly no longer an option, but you need to know the facts.

I am reading White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo and a fellow business classmate and I both noticed how it is like a portal for white people to finally enter into. Robin is a fabulous writer and she just says it in a way that lands. Next on my list is Me and White Supremacy by Layla Saad. These are the books that the Black people in my community want me to read. I am ashamed to not have even heard of them before a few weeks ago. And that’s what is called White privilege!

But also with all these eclipses and planets in retrograde, I must remind you to take care of yourselves. Get lots of rest, don’t try to push yourself into the world, because the world might not be ready yet. Surrender to the backwards current, not politically but energetically! Let yourself flow with the waves of feeling, lie on summer grass, float in cold water, breathe the cleanest air you’ve breathed in decades and pray. Pray for a world with clean air and water for all, for a world that no longer recognizes White as Standard, for a world that upholds dignity, respect, and sovereignty above regulations and conformity. A world where all people have access, not just those who bought their way to entitlement. Did you know that 90% of Nova Scotia coastline now is privately owned? Now this summer, after people have suffered in their homes for months, where are they going to go to get relief? People just think, oh it’s the way it is. But it’s not. Accessing the ocean needs to be there for all. This is called honoring the needs of all people. And animals! This is just one example, but we let things slip by us here, and we can’t keep doing that. There is so much work to do to set things right.

But please remember to Read, listen, educate. And get more rest than you are used to. Self care is essential in times like these. If you are looking for some spiritual/energetic self care tips please come to my Divine Flow class on Zoom this Saturday. We will be doing breathing practices, guided journeys, and lots of herbal and witchy tips to keep your body/mind/spirit running smoothly.

Blessed Be


Welcome Spring

Mar 20, 12:35 PM

fresh breezes,

Maybe it’s world news, maybe it’s because I’m turning 50, but have I ever felt more gratitude for Spring than this year?

I don’t want this post to be about the virus or the stock market, but I will say this: I have noticed a dramatic increase of energy in the earth’s etheric field these past few weeks. With everyone slowing down and stopping the madness for a bit, the earth energies have had time to expand and grow stronger.

I feel surges of light energy shooting up from the deep earth like geysers; I have not felt this before. My bones tell me this is the way it should be, and that it is just the beginning.

Go out every day onto the earth to sit and breathe. Feel this miraculous phenomenon of earth spirit healing energy. I always promote living a slow life, I think a slow life is a sane life. When clients feel off centre and frantic, my first suggestion is to slow down as it usually means they are moving faster than the pace of nature.

Nature is slow, purposeful, and erotic.

Doesn’t that sound like the way to be?

And the secret that I have learned from this, is that the slower I go, the more I get done. It’s true. Slow doesn’t mean doing nothing, but it does mean living at the pace of breath and presence.

Right now, in this window of grace, a lot of us have that very chance to slow down to the pace of breath and presence. Don’t miss this, stay with it.
And have a very merry, healthy, creative, and passionate Spring.


What the Dandelion Says

Feb 18, 01:07 PM

I am here to awaken the Spirit.

Remind you of the simplicity of life.
The joy to be found in the simple earthly pleasures.


Green grass

simple food.

To release the worry and bitterness of the past. To cleanse the irritation and regret.

To again pause, breathe, and connect to the wonder and mystery of the present. What simple joy you will find here.

Do what feeds this light my child. You are here but once. Make the most of it -and not by trying to best everyone around you with material gains, but to live your truth and your deep dreams.

Awaken them. Let them out. The key to your happiness and your survival lives in your dreams. Your animal dreams, flower dreams, sunlit water dreams, moonbeam and rainbow dreams. The sweetness of these dreams you must feel more and more.

I can help you with this.

These impressions, these fleeting energy lines that you see at the corners of your perceptions…these are the lights showing the way.

If you follow them, they will get stronger and lead you home.

What the Tree Says

Jan 12, 11:45 AM

Sit down beside me.
Hush your mind.
The young ones are growing up oblivious to who they are. They have been seeded and raised for production.
Not so different from how your own species is being raised now. But we’re not all like that. Many of the elders and even some of the young remember. We remember a time when all were in relationship. Not that long ago either. When trees and humans loved each other for what they brought to the other..

How was it reciprocal you ask? How did WE benefit from humans? Oh, it was mutual. You help spread our seed, you trim our branches, and make beautiful structures and tools from our wood. It has always been this way. In doing so, you honour and value us. Your appreciation helped us grow big and strong and have many children.

You’ve noticed yourself how your loving touch and voice helps me heal and grow strong. You notice how proud I feel when you admire me or use my medicine. It’s like that. Trees love to be useful, just like humans. We love to have a purpose and to be of service.

You live in a world now where everything, even your own, is seen as a commodity to be used. To be chewed up and spat out by the machine. Your world has lost the story.

What can you do to change this you ask? Sing. Sing to us and especially sing to the young ones. Sing the story. Tell them who they once were, who they really are. They will remember, because it wasn’t that long ago. But you must keep the story alive. The story of our ancestors when trees were the great medicine makers, timekeepers, and healers of our planet. It was so once and it can be so again, but not if the memory is lost.

Keep the story alive in your songs and sing to the young ones, so they can remember and be strong again.



Dec 14, 07:05 PM


It’s time to let the Old Woman have her way and come in. December is a time of deep contemplation for me, -of rune casting, writing, painting, and now swimming! The Old Woman has me tending to the personal, the elemental, and the animal. I’ve discovered my fox friend Annie, my BFF here on the Aspotogan, has mange and I will be trapping her and taking her to Hope for Wildlife so she can rehabilitate. If she’s too cunning to be caught, I will be able to treat her here, but the cold might be too hard on her and Hope has warm space for another fox. Goddess Bless Hope, so often I am noticing the bedrock strength of one woman taking on thousands of helpless suffering animals. It’s incredible. If you have any more money to spare this season, consider a donation to Hope. Without her our injured and diseased wildlife would be left to suffer. This isn’t The Way.

This breathtaking time of Solstice. A time to sit with the year past, and even the decade past. To sit in honesty of who you are and speak your truth. What is working, what isn’t? What would you like to change? What is in your power to change? What were the highlights and lowlights? One of the highlights of this year for me was spending time with Mi’kmaq elder Albert Marshall at the How We Thrive Nova Scotia convergence. As many of you know, I spend a lot of time being with the land here -talking, listening, making medicine, sharing stories and song. But there’s a part of me that is always aware that I am living on stolen land, and this imperial colonial wound gets in the way of feeling like I truly belong here. I do my best, but it’s not home. Sitting with Albert Marshall this spring allowed me to put voice to some of my feelings and feel heard and accepted. Welcomed by the land. As Albert expressed, the colonial wound started here in Nova Scotia so it is at its deepest; here will also be where it truly begins to heal. I felt that healing force of love over the weekend coming from Albert and other Mi’kmaq elders. They are the true voice of this land. The earth still loves us, she just wants us to wake up and belong.

Three questions came out of that encounter. They are:

Who are you?
Where do you come from?
What are you doing here?

I have these sentences taped to my wall. I let them into my digestive tract and merge with my insides. They are a call to the soul to get real. I have a feeling we are going to be hearing more of that soul call as 2020 progresses. May we all answer in our own way and begin or continue on our journey of belonging.

-Blessed Be on the Longest Night.


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