About Beth

Beth is the creator and designer of Starflower Essences, a shamanic practitioner, intuitive healer, and artist.

In her private practice Beth works with clients to overcome obstacles and challenges to their health and well being. Beth works holistically, combining spiritual, emotional, and physical approaches to healing and personal growth.

Beth holds a BA in history and a BFA in Fine Arts. She is a graduate of Michael Harner’s Three Year Program of Advanced Initiations in Shamanism and Shamanic Healing, and a graduate student of Betsy Bergstrom’s training in Advanced Compassionate Deposession, Curse Unravelling, and Seidr (Norse seership). Beth is a certified yoga teacher and Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist from the Himalayan Institute, and has completed a 7 year training in Weather Shamanism from Shaman’s Circle. Beth has trained in horse communication and consciousness at Equinisity, and somatic earth movement with Helen Poynor.

Beth’s Approach to Healing

Over the years of helping clients and myself embody better health and wellness, I have come to understand that most of our problems in life have a spiritual component if not a spiritual root. And we heal the spiritual aspect of problems with the assistance of helping spirits. There are worlds beyond our own that hold vast amounts of healing and understanding for us, and we seek the help from spiritual beings to helps us transform our own lives. However, engaging is not that simple, for as we enable our spiritual power we also meet our own reflected chaos and pain. So the healing process takes time, it is very challenging and very rewarding. It’s a lifetime process, not a quick fix, and we could experience many deaths and rebirths along the way. We need places of contact and refuge, where we can meet our True Selves and be reminded of our own divinity. This relief is found through placing our body in nature. Being fully present in the body, arrived on earth, we can be reminded of who we truly are, and we can go on. We can then take that next step into the unknown where we find our truth.

The healing path is a spiral, which is why I like to work with our astrological birth charts to understand the karmic patterns in our lives. Knowledge is power. And we need that knowledge and power to gain acceptance and mastery of our lives.