A Bit About Me

As a child I was very attuned to life force energy, I was marveled by it and would spend hours in the rapture of feeling my aliveness. I was also highly sensitive, and very connected with animals and the natural world. I was particularly attuned to magical liminal places. Growing up in a small town in Nova Scotia allowed me to develop deep and lasting relationships with mermaids, forest spirits, and star people. I was very lucky. I was also a very musical child and spent my time singing, and playing the piano and other instruments.

As I grew and realized there was something different about me, I began to distance myself from my gifts of sight and relationship with the natural world. As I left childhood, I was encountering more pain and suffering, and frequently sensing ghosts. My teens and twenties were not easy as I tried to navigate ordinary reality and my sensitivities to the unseen world. I chose various coping and numbing addictions to block out the noise as I completed high school and then my BA. It was the death of my father when I was 27 that caused me to reach a crises in my life. It was time to take my inner life more seriously.

After my BFA I spent a few years on an isolated island on the eastern shore of Nova Scotia. It was there I reconnected to the natural world, and began to look at myself in new light. The magical Beth had all but been lost and I was determined to find her again. Struggling with addictions and exhaustion I crawled my way to a yoga studio, and eventually a reiki class and a shamanic circle.

Self Healing has been a longer and more complex journey than I had anticipated. We are truly multi dimensional beings with lots to clear and reunite in our soul complex. Since that first yoga class and shamanic circle I have accepted the path of the wounded healer, which has led me on an incredible journey. For skills I have trained extensively with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Betsy Bergstrom’s Compassionate Deposession, Curse Unravelling, and Seidr, a 7 year course in weather shamanism, and Yoga Teacher Training and Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist training with the Himalayan Institute. Most of all I have continued on my own spiritual path as an intuitive healer in relationship with the natural world. The flower and crystal essences come from this deep current of shared love and wisdom between the earth, sky, elements and myself. I have also stayed true to my creative and musical self continuing to paint and sing often using sound and creative arts with clients.

Some say we are all wounded healers, shedding the pain of our conditioned past, and blossoming into our true natures, our wholeness. I know we don’t choose the path of healing, it chooses us, and how it shows up has nothing to do with shame or unworthiness. It is about breaking the old chains that bound us to our false selves for eons, and finding the truth of our own brilliance and shared love again. It is our journey back to the garden and a life we all can share.