Art Is the Language of Beauty

If I could describe in a word the healing, protective, generative force which flows through my studio and my art while I create, it would be Beauty. It’s that sweet expansive energy which inspires me to keep working. Perhaps other words are Essence, or Spirit, or Life.



All my work is for sale. I do commissions upon request. I tend to get asked to do pet memorials or pieces that represent a person’s spiritual life.

I enjoy incorporating Watercolour into healing sessions or group divination classes. The process allows people to access the soul which is life transforming.

I am celebrating 12 years as a published artist with We’Moon, Gaia Rhythms For Women and Mother Tongue Ink!! We’Moon has been helping me keep track of and make the best out of my days since 2008. Thank you We’Moon!







Commissioned for Energy Healer 2017

Commissioned for pet memorial.

Commissioned for Grandmother Tree CD cover by Andra Rose, Sound Healer

Angel oil on birch board 2012 comission

Earth Magic comission
oil on canvas 2010