Art Is the Language of Beauty

If I could describe in a word the healing, protective, generative force which flows through my studio and my art while I create, it would be Beauty. It’s that sweet expansive energy which inspires me to keep painting. Perhaps other words are Essence, or Spirit, or Life.

Painting and drawing are a daily practice of allowing beauty to flow through my life. Beauty may flow through my art, even when my part is done. I love when a patron tells me how much they still love their art even 10 or 15 years after they bought it. If I have created a piece of art which still uplifts and inspires the owner decades later, I have succeeded.


Samhain Art Party!: Fall Watercolour Workshop
Sunday October 27, 2019 New Moon
Blandford, NS
12 – 5PM
$65(after October 15th) Supplies included
Bring a potluck lunch

Let’s paint and play together!! I will set up beautiful fall still lives of local flowers and produce for you to find joy and pleasure in mixing paint and applying colour to paper. We will also be practicing divination, for the Celtic New Year with tarot and visioning exercises. No experience necessary, this is for fun and celebration. (More details on events page)


I am so happy to share my new watercolours with you. I am loving it’s fluidity and brightness and it’s the best medium to have with a bird flying around.

All my work is for sale. I am still painting commissions in acrylic and oil upon request. I love commissions as it gives me a chance to get to know you and discover what moves you.

I am hosting classes in watercolour and am also happy to incorporate it into the healing sessions as a gateway into creative inspiration. Watercolours are very versatile and easily accessible.

I am also celebrating 11 years as a published artist with We’Moon, Gaia Rhythms For Women and Mother Tongue Ink. We’Moon has been helping me keep track of and make the best out of my days since 2008. Thank you We’Moon!







Commissioned for Energy Healer 2017

Commissioned for pet memorial.

Commissioned for Grandmother Tree CD cover by Andra Rose, Sound Healer

Angel oil on birch board 2012 comission

Earth Magic comission
oil on canvas 2010