Healing Services

All sessions are held in Blandford, about 50 minutes from Halifax on the South Shore of Nova Scotia

Once you have contacted me, via my contact page, we will set up a convenient time to have a quick phone conversation to highlight the core issues you would like to address in a shamanic healing session.


Phone consultation: no charge

1.5 hour session : $135 including 15 ml Starflower Essence blend

Shamanic Apprenticeship and Mentoring: $60 per hour.

Distance healing including phone consultations: $75 per hour add $20 plus shipping for a Starflower Essence blend

Please contact me to inquire about home and business clearing and animal healing.


What Happens in a Shamanic Healing Session

Shamanic Healing is directed towards the client’s need for personal growth and healing. Each session is unique to the individual. Sometimes a client needs more of a consultation style session, and Beth can work with this need through tarot counseling, and birth chart interpretation. Other sessions may include more active shamanic methods including soul retrieval, power animal restoration, compassionate deposession, curse unravelling, and ancestral/parallel/past life healing. Beth also works somatically with tuning forks and energy healing.

It is recommended that clients consider several sessions spread over several months to adress deep issues. How a person integrates the healing into their own life, after the session is over, is crucial to successful transformation. Starflower Essences are an important part of this process, as well as time in nature, rest, and any implemtation or change of habits or “homework” that was recommended during the healing session. If you don’t already, please consider keeping a healing journal to record your process and progress. This will help in future consultations and remind you of your healing journey.

Longer appointments, group sessions, and outdoor ceremonies can be arranged upon request.

All consultations are confidential.