Sacred Magic ~Shamanic Healing, Tarot, and Astrology


All sessions except compassionate deposession can be done by phone or zoom. I will need your full name and phone number along with your birthdate, place, and time (if you know it.)
Canadian client sessions will be done over the phone and international clients over zoom.

If you are in the local area you are welcome to come to my home clinic for your session depending on our pandemic restrictions at the time.


Please note: times are written in Atlantic Time Zone, please check your own time zones before scheduling an appointment.

I work throughout the week, usually making appointments at 10:30 AM or 1:30 PM Atlantic time. If your scheduling or time zone doesn’t work for this, please let me know and we can figure out a time that works for you.



90 mins Shamanic Healing Session: $165

Soul Retrievals take two sessions at one hour each. $220

Full Astrology readings are 1 hr and are $150

Please send payment upon booking your appointment. Canadians can use e-transfer and international clients use PayPal. Send to



Perhaps I’ll say a bit about what shamanic healing is not, first. Shamanic healing is not opposed to conventional medicine, religion, or psychology; it is not a quick fix or a cure all, it is not a way to control another person, it is not taking your responsibility to heal away from you. It is not Native American spirituality.

Shamanic Methods for treating illness:

Shamanism is an ancient practice of co-creating with spiritual forces to improve ones quality of life. The word itself comes from the Tungus tribe in Siberia and was used to describe a man or woman with a strong relationship with the unseen world. This person would cultivate that relationship through skill building and initiations to serve their community.
The shamanic practice can be challenging, fun, enlivening, edgy, and very helpful for releasing old blocks and creating a joyful life. It is life long learning and practice for the healer and can be introduced and cultivated as a practice for any student.

A client preparing for shamanic healing needs to be open, relaxed, and receptive to change.

I have created my own system and methods of healing from many years of client practice, it combines shamanic methods with sound healing, tarot, wellness and business coaching, flower essences, and astrology.

Here are short definitions of some of the traditional shamanic therapies I use:

Extraction Healing A spiritual kind of energy healing which removes obstacles and blockages from the energy and emotional bodies. This leads to greater feelings of clarity, movement, and comfort in the body and mind.

Power Animal and Spiritual Guide Retreival We all have spiritual guides and animals who accompany us throughout our lives serving as our companions and protectors. In today’s culture this is often misunderstood or ignored leading to power loss and loneliness. This ceremony reconnects us to our ancestral guardians bringing much joy and peace to the soul.

Soul Retrieval In times of crises or trauma our souls can become fragmented or detached from the core of our being. This results in soul loss which can have devastating effects such as addictions, dreariness, emptiness, loss of vitality, and direction. Long term soul loss can lead to severe depression, but even mild soul loss can cause a person to loose their way and get stuck in life. Soul retrieval brings back the vitality of the soul to the individual so that they can move forward with their lives.

Compassionate Depossession With soul loss and other traumas, a person’s energy field is weakened. If it is significantly weakened, they may be subject to attachment from suffering beings. Compassionate Deposession releases the Suffering Being from the energy field of the client bringing in much needed relief to both parties. It is a 3 way conversation and group effort where both client and suffering being are treated as clients with respect and compassion. If you feel that you may have a suffering being attached to your energy field, please contact me. Let the Being know that help is on the way and that there is nothing to fear.