Shamanic Healing Ceremonies and Astro-Tarot Spirit Alchemy





Shamanism is essentially the practice of animism, which forms a world view where everything is alive and has spirit. With this cosmology we become participants in the web of life and find belonging. We re-enter wholeness. It is a practice of reciprocity where we learn the true value of giving and receiving within the web of life.

The practice of shamanism helps people gain control over their lives by establishing relationship with all beings, be they stars, plants, stones, animals, people, or gods and goddesses.

Wise Woman Shamans work with the divine beings of nature, ancestors, tutelary spirits, and power animals to create a network of support and healing where we can all feel safe to heal and transform. This reweaves us back into the web of life.

If you would like to learn more, come join a class or book a healing session.

Healing Ceremonies

I offer a wide variety of healing ceremonies and rituals to help you heal and move on from difficult life experiences and trauma wounds that may be holding you back from living your best life. I work in co-creative partnership with compassionate spirits who have been helping humans overcome obstacles for thousands of years. I call these spirits ancestors but they include a variety of helpful beings from the unseen worlds such as plant and animal spirits, ancient ancestors, gods and goddesses, mineral and celestial spirits. I tune into your soul and your own spirit and ancestors to help you find clarity, healing, and closure for your problems. These problems could be manifesting as physical, emotional, or situational, but there is always a spiritual dimension that can be accessed for healing and transformation. In fact it is in the spiritual and emotional planes that lasting transformation can truly happen.

We can have a brief phone, zoom, or email chat to discuss your situation and I will consult my spiritual helpers to decide a healing ritual for you. Most shamanic healing ceremonies can be done long distance either over phone or zoom. Most of my ceremonies involve client participation, as I am accessing your experience, your ancestors, and your wants and desires as we go. Often very important information comes up through your own somatic experience during a healing session.

Depending on the ceremony and what’s involved you can be either online with me, or lying down at home or in nature during the scheduled time, but not online. We can discuss those two options and some of it will have to do with your preference. 

If you live in the local area you are also welcome to come to my healing studio for an in person ceremony.

Schedule a Healing Ceremony.

Please contact me if you would like to schedule a healing ceremony. We can then discuss your current needs and desired outcome. At that time we will discuss the likely time it will take for a healing to be complete.

Please use my email: or phone: 902.220.4809

*Sessions can be booked from 75 mins to 2.5 hours. *Payment is due before each session. – Please use PayPal or e-transfer.
  • There is a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you cancel after the 24 hours you will be charged your full payment.

Healing Ceremony 75 mins $180

Book a 75 minute session for power animal retrievals, energy clearing, sound and crystal energy rebalancing, divination including tarot readings, and flower essence consultations.
Healing Ceremony 90 minutes. $225

Schedule a 90 minute healing ceremony for more involved issues or that combine several ceremonies. A 90 minute session is helpful when you would like a divination or short tarot reading along with a regular energy healing session, or if you want to address several issues at once.

Healing Ceremony 2 hours $275

Schedule a 2 hour session for deeper healing work such as soul retrievals*, deposession of unwanted spirits, curse unravelling, and going deeper with more entrenched stuck patterns.

Healing Ceremony 2.5 hours $325

Book a 2.5 hour session when you would like to spend a morning or afternoon deep diving into your personal soul work. This time will give you the opportunity to fully engage in a healing ritual with guided journeys, divination, clearing, and strong intention setting to make big changes in your life. This can also be a time to bring in creative art play, engage in nature activities if you live in Nova Scotia or are visiting locally.




The Power of the Stars: Birth chart Readings for New Clients 90+ mins $275

This is an in-depth reading of your birth chart along with current transits that are effecting you or will be in the near future. We can focus on specific issues or just look at general themes. You will come away with a deeper understanding of your life and a greater acceptance of your power and gifts in this world. You will know what can be changed and worked on, and what is to be accepted. This is often a dialogue where we will be asking each other questions as well as consulting the tarot to uncover hidden messages.

Astrological Consultations for Returning Clients. 60 mins $150

This is for repeat clients who would like to go deeper into certain aspects or houses in their charts to get more clarity in a certain area of their life. It is also for people who are looking to make changes in their lives and want to understand how current transits will be affecting them.


Birth Chart Harmony with Tarot Spirit Ceremony $450

This is a very eclectic ceremony where I consult the tarot spirits who reside in your birth chart and discuss matters of most importance to you. I work on your entire chart and open up a sacred circle which allows the tarot spirits in your chart to speak with each other and me, openly to resolve conflict. At this time, I am doing this ceremony in private. I will contact you with questions about specifics as things come up. I will let you know the day I am doing the ceremony and arrange a time where we can text message if needed. I will also provide with you a written and audio account of what took place within your personalized ceremony: what came up, what was cleared or re-organized, and the gifts and blessings which came forward as a result.


Find Your Inner Compass for the Next 12 Months $350

With the support of the tarot and your unique astrological chart, you can look at the year ahead with confidence and clarity. Together we feel into each month as it pertains to your astrological house and the energies of the sun and moon. Each month has a certain tonal quality that will bring up different feelings, needs, and desires inside you. With the tarot by your side you can find support and guidance. We go through each month together, finding cards that resonate like touchstones for your journey.

You can do this any time of the year, but certain times of life can be helpful such as: birthdays, solar sabbats (solstice, equinox, and cross quarter days), significant moons or celestial days, deity festival days, and of course New Years. (if you are considering New Years please book well ahead!)

I will need your birth data ahead of time to create the preliminary chart that we will be working with. Please send me your brith date, time, and place if you have those. I use the Whole House System for this type of reading.

If we are doing this on zoom, you must have your own tarot deck, one that resonates with your life and makes you feel like you are looking at aspects of yourself. My favourites for this work are THE GAIAN TAROT by Johanna Powell Colbert, and THE LIGHT SEERS TAROT, by Chris Anne.





Shamanic Methods for treating illness:

Shamanism is an ancient practice of co-creating with spiritual forces to improve ones quality of life. The word itself comes from the Tungus tribe in Siberia and was used to describe a man or woman with a strong relationship with the unseen world. This person would cultivate that relationship through skill building and initiations to serve their community.
The shamanic practice can be very helpful for releasing old blocks and creating a joyful life. It is life long learning and practice for the healer and can be introduced and cultivated as a practice for any student.

A client preparing for shamanic healing needs to be open, relaxed, and receptive to change.

Here are short definitions of some of the traditional shamanic therapies I use. There are many more. Each healing session is approached as a divination and ceremony, so you do not need to decide what kind of healing you would like to have. This is chosen by the helping spirits in the ceremony.

Extraction Healing A spiritual kind of energy healing which removes obstacles and blockages from the energy and emotional bodies. This leads to greater feelings of clarity, movement, and comfort in the body and mind.

Power Animal and Spiritual Guide Retrieval We all have spiritual guides and animals who accompany us throughout our lives serving as our companions and protectors. In today’s culture this is often misunderstood or ignored leading to power loss and loneliness. This ceremony reconnects us to our ancestral guardians bringing much joy and peace to the soul.

Soul Retrieval In times of crises or trauma our souls can become fragmented or detached from the core of our being. This results in soul loss which can have devastating effects such as addictions, dreariness, emptiness, loss of vitality, and direction. Long term soul loss can lead to severe depression, but even mild soul loss can cause a person to loose their way and get stuck in life. Soul retrieval brings back the vitality of the soul to the individual so that they can move forward with their lives.

Compassionate Depossession With soul loss and other traumas, a person’s energy field is weakened. If it is significantly weakened, they may be subject to attachment from suffering beings. Compassionate Deposession releases the Suffering Being from the energy field of the client bringing in much needed relief to both parties. It is a 3 way conversation and group effort where both client and suffering being are treated as clients with respect and compassion. If you feel that you may have a suffering being attached to your energy field, please contact me. Let the Being know that help is on the way and that there is nothing to fear.

Why Astrology?

Like shamanism, astrology is an ancient practice. Humans have been looking at the sky for thousands of years to determine rhythms and cycles of support and change. I have never found a more accurate tool to help us understand our lives and the world we live in. Our lives, our karma, our present circumstances, our childhoods…it’s all so complex to make sense of. We never can really pin the meaning down to one thing, as life is fluid and ever changing from one minute to the next. Astrology gives us a place to land and ground ourselves, it shows us that no matter how challenging, no matter how messed up our lives are, there is meaning behind the madness and antidotes to every problem. We actually are our own solution, and astrology shows us that. There are infinite ways to express the birth chart we’ve been given, the great scary secret is that it’s up to us; we get to choose -more than we think actually. For many people in the world, their lives and circumstances are set for them. Right now, in the Western World, we have more freedoms and power than we have had in thousands of years. Our birth charts show us where we can take that power and do something with it for the betterment of our planet and all beings.