Oracle Alchemy Consultations & Shamanic Healing





Soul Path Journey

Welcome! I’m so happy you are interested in booking an appointment with me. Please read carefully so you can get a clear vision of what might be possible for you in a 1:1 session with me.

-All sessions are done on Atlantic Time Zone which is one hour ahead of Eastern US/Can.
-prices are in Canadian $ although I welcome USD and if you choose to pay in that currency I will put the extra towards those with low income needs.
-Most appointments are held on Zoom but if you live in the local area of Halifax, South Shore/Valley of Nova Scotia you are welcome to set up an in person appointment.


Birth Chart Consultations

People often come to me when they are hitting a wall on their journey of becoming more true to themselves. This wall might show up as mental or physical health issues, financial problems, periods of bad luck, or just a grinding dullness or restlessness that wont go away.
These times are seen in the birth chart as an astrological transits. We all have these stirrings, these voices or feelings inside pushing and guiding us to a more truthful life, but we don’t always understand them, or know what to do about them. We may be afraid, or confused, or misinterpret the signs. We all have blocks, programs, and patterns that get in the way of clarity. Through birth chart consultation I can help you get to the root of the problem and find the antidote that will set you in the right direction.

NOTE-ALL first time healing sessions begin with at least a general look at the birth chart.

Wisdom of the Oracle

Most problems can not be solved through the mind, we need higher spiritual guidance to help us meet life’s current challenges and to heal trauma and programming of the past. I consult the runes, the tarot, my own divination tools as well as the Oracle of the Goddess to help you find your answers. The Oracle is always worked within a birth chart consultation to get clarity and direction. Often I invite you to come into a light trance with me to unearth your own oracular messages. If you have never done this before, you will be surprised how fulfilling it is)

Desire Mapping

Through my own struggles, and my work with Danielle LaPorte, I have learned that we can not move forward without articulating our Desires. This can be a great struggle for some (yours truly included). It can take years of work on our own to get to the root of our deepest desires. But once found, we can move forward with confidence that what we truly desire, desires us as well, so the path becomes like a bee and flower -both beckoning to the other. This is what it should feel like. Clarity is key here and this can be uncovered through conversation, guided meditations, as well as oracle and birth chart consultations.

Shamanic Healing Ceremonies

Shamanic healing is woven into all my work. There is always an element of healing when working with helping spirits in a sacred circle. That said, there are particular methods used by shamankas to expedite healing and transformation for a person. Some of these will require separate appointments where we focus on that specific ceremony. In other sessions I will be able to perform small ceremonies to help you within the timeframe that we have together.

Fees and Schedule

My hours are weekdays between 10AM and 3PM Atlantic Time.

Arrangements can be made to schedule another time if these times don’t work for you.

All initial sessions are 90 minutes and subsequent sessions can be longer or shorter depending on the need.


$150 – 60 minutes
$225 -90 minutes
$300 -$120 minutes

*a sliding scale is offered to those in need.

How many should I book? AS many as you like. You are welcome to book one at a time or 10 at once. I will share some healing packages with you.

Of course, the more you do, the more deep lasting transformation you will experience, but even one session can bring tremendous transformation and healing results.


Perhaps I’ll say a bit about what shamanic healing is not, first. Shamanic healing is not opposed to conventional medicine, religion, or psychology; it is not a quick fix or a cure all, it is not a way to control another person, it is not taking your responsibility to heal away from you. It is not Native American spirituality.

Shamanic Methods for treating illness:

Shamanism is an ancient practice of co-creating with spiritual forces to improve ones quality of life. The word itself comes from the Tungus tribe in Siberia and was used to describe a man or woman with a strong relationship with the unseen world. This person would cultivate that relationship through skill building and initiations to serve their community.
The shamanic practice can be challenging, fun, enlivening, edgy, and very helpful for releasing old blocks and creating a joyful life. It is life long learning and practice for the healer and can be introduced and cultivated as a practice for any student.

A client preparing for shamanic healing needs to be open, relaxed, and receptive to change.

I have created my own system and methods of healing from many years of client practice, it combines shamanic methods with breathwork and visualization, tarot, wellness and creative coaching, flower essences, energy healing, and astrology.

Here are short definitions of some of the traditional shamanic therapies I use. There are many more. Each healing session is approached as a divination and ceremony, so you do not need to decide what kind of healing you would like to have. This is chosen by the helping spirits in the ceremony.

Extraction Healing A spiritual kind of energy healing which removes obstacles and blockages from the energy and emotional bodies. This leads to greater feelings of clarity, movement, and comfort in the body and mind.

Power Animal and Spiritual Guide Retrieval We all have spiritual guides and animals who accompany us throughout our lives serving as our companions and protectors. In today’s culture this is often misunderstood or ignored leading to power loss and loneliness. This ceremony reconnects us to our ancestral guardians bringing much joy and peace to the soul.

Soul Retrieval In times of crises or trauma our souls can become fragmented or detached from the core of our being. This results in soul loss which can have devastating effects such as addictions, dreariness, emptiness, loss of vitality, and direction. Long term soul loss can lead to severe depression, but even mild soul loss can cause a person to loose their way and get stuck in life. Soul retrieval brings back the vitality of the soul to the individual so that they can move forward with their lives.

Compassionate Depossession With soul loss and other traumas, a person’s energy field is weakened. If it is significantly weakened, they may be subject to attachment from suffering beings. Compassionate Deposession releases the Suffering Being from the energy field of the client bringing in much needed relief to both parties. It is a 3 way conversation and group effort where both client and suffering being are treated as clients with respect and compassion. If you feel that you may have a suffering being attached to your energy field, please contact me. Let the Being know that help is on the way and that there is nothing to fear.

Modern Approaches The reason I use so many modern approaches to healing and growth in my work as well is because we live in the society we live in. There are incredible healing/growth/transformational tools out there and I would be doing everyone a disservice if I did not use them. This is why I use tarot, astrology, Logosynthesis, modern witchcraft, life visioning, and countless other techniques to help people release limiting blocks and co-create their lives. The thing is, what I truly believe, is that at the very root of all of it, lies shamanism. It’s the ground of change.