Year Long Shamanic Training 2023/24

Online Shamanic Practitioner Training in Intentional Shamanism
starting June 26th 2022
$1200 early bird price with enrollment before May 15th. Full Payment due June 25th
$1380 for payment plans and enrolment after May 15th

Join us for this years training in Intentional Shamanism. This 12 month course will consist of

weekly video teachings,
monthly live zoom calls, first one June 25 10 – 12 Atlantic time
lots of supplementary pdfs,
and a private Facebook group.

~You will be diving deep into sacred practices to help you become more present, alive, and intentional with your earth based spirituality.

~You will learn shamanic methods and techniques that I have developed from my over 20 years of training and practicing in core shamanism, yoga, Ayurveda, Breathwork, herbalism, astrology, and energy healing.

~I will be teaching you traditional shamanic healing methods so you can begin practicing on yourself and friends, as well as earth practices to help you become more integrated and aligned with the ground on which you live.

Some of the skills we will cover:

~Plant Magic ~Soul Retrieving ~Personal Power Restoration ~Witch Wound and Ancestral Healing ~Regenerating Energy Fields ~Death and Rebirth Ceremonies ~Heart Centered Alchemy ~Psychopomp ~Breathwork ~And many more practices to keep you balanced and in harmony with being alive so that you can live your best life.

I’m very excited to be offering this full year practitioner training online. Although I will miss the intimacy of a small in person group, I have also found that so many people could benefit from these practices that can’t always make a live class. So if you are one of those people with an inconsistent work schedule, small children, or just don’t have the time/energy to make a monthly class in person for what ever reason, this could be perfect for you. As well, this class is for those who live outside Nova Scotia and would still like to train with me and the wonderful people with whom I am blessed to teach.

A good solid journey practice is helpful. If you would like to join, but have not done any kind of basic shamanic training, please let me know. If you are keen to learn and self motivated, I have a simplified audio course that you can take to get your started. Also, this class is for serious students. Shamanism is a practice that must be practiced! If you would like to develop your skills but are unsure if you are ready for more intense training, please come to our Tuesday evening journey circle, we would love to have you! And please do reach out to me, I’d love to have a chat and discuss what is possible for you.

Please contact me if you would like more information on our upcoming practitioner training starting in June.