About Me

My name is Catharin Elizabeth Lenco. I go by Beth. I am a healer in the ancient wise woman ways. My healing education is in shamanism, from which I have trained for the past 17 years. I am also an artist. I hold a BA in History and a BFA in Fine Arts.

I grew up with music and medicine in my homes, so my own version of these: sound, healing, and art naturally grew out from my roots. I have always had a close relationship with nature, the spirit of nature, and animals, from which I draw inspiration for my art and wisdom for my life. I have experienced a number of health challenges and set backs in my life which started me on a healing path in my early 20s. Now, nearing 50 I understand that healing, well being, and self care are the necessary companions to living a life of truth and beauty.

At this time I am living on the Aspotogan Peninsula on the south shore of Nova Scotia, Canada. I have a private client business in my healing clinic here and by phone. I teach workshops and classes on shamanism, energy hygiene, and the magical ways of our ancient grandmothers.

My colleague Kath Perry, and I run a growing and popular program called Ancient Practices. Here, we lead retreats and host one day workshops on reclaiming the ancient skill set of the Oracle, Seer, Healer, and Visionary. Website coming this Spring.

Please contact me if you would like to learn more about any of my workshops, retreats, and classes or to book a healing session in person or by phone.

Me prophesizing, or blessing with mudra at the shore in Shediac circa 1972

Professional Education and Training:

-Years of training and practice in solo voice, choir, piano, flute, saxophone, orchestra, jazz, musical theatre, handbell choir, marching band.
-Bachelor of Arts in History, Mt. Allison New Brunswick 1992
-Bachelor of Fine Art, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD) 1998
-Reiki level 1 and 2, 2002
-Two Week Shamanic Healing Intensive, Foundation for Shamanic Studies with Michael Harner, Centre for Noetic Sciences, California 2005
-Three-Year Program of Advanced Initiations in Shamanism and Shamanic Healing, FSS, Centre for Noetic Sciences, California 2009
-Shamanic Dreamwork, FSS
-Advanced Deposession and Curse Unravelling, Betsy Bergstrom 2011
-Seidr, Norse Witchcraft, Betsy Bergstrom
-Seven Year Advanced Practicum in Weather Shamanism, Nan Moss and David Corbin, Maine 2015

Small course workshop training:

Mayan ceremonial practices, Martin Prechtel,
African ceremony, Malidoma Some,
Celtic Shamanism, Tom Cowan
Tarot Counselling, James Wells


200Hr. Full year, Yoga Teacher Training, Himalayan Institute 2014
Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist, Himalayan Institute 2014

Botanical Illustration, Rosie Martin
Abstract painting, Leya Evelyn
Walk of Life, Helen Poynor
Concrete Sculpture, Ivan Higgins

-Blessings on your own beautiful journey