About the Founder - Beth Lenco

I grew up in Liverpool, a small town in Nova Scotia, Canada. My life consisted of three simple things: nature, music, and animals. I was a child of heightened sensitivity and awareness so these three things helped me feel safe and contained. They also gave me great space to let my huge feelings and emotions flow. My piano teacher discovered my synesthesia, I was accessing perfect pitch because sound had form and colour to me.

Playing any instrument I could get my hands on and playing and singing in various bands and choirs got me through grade school. Because of my unique character and heightened sensitivity, I needed a lot of space and grounding, which nature and animals provided. Home life was challenging, but I was able to find my places of comfort and serenity to get by. At 16 I spent a year abroad attending a French performing arts school, it was there that things got really rough. I came home quite disconnected from my centre and my own power. I graduated as Valedictorian from High School with honours, and the local summer festival princess, but inside I felt like a failure because I had lost my way.

Through my 20s I received a BA and BFA from MtA and NSCAD, and spent some years tree planting in northern BC, but everything felt disconnected and lost. My music was gone, I couldn’t relate to people, and I had no idea where I was going when it seemed like everyone else was getting their lives and careers together. The more I tried to fit in, the worse I got. I spent 3 years in art school playing in an all female punk band, which suited my mood, but not my inner being. My father died when I was 27 and I felt like I had reached a crises point, but I hadn’t, it was more like sustained and suspended numbness until I was over 30. In my early 30s I realized I was either going to die, or take on what was gnawing at my soul. The only reason I went for life was because I didn’t want to do the whole damn 30 years over again in the next life. Get it done now I thought, because I got through the worst part. So I said yes to life, and began the slow and painful climb out of my hole, but it was better than starting all over again!

That is when yoga came into my life, and the shamanic teachers showed up, and my gifts began to flow. OK. Trickle. The music was the first to come back, as I learned healing songs from my first shamanic teacher, tears streamed down my face in gratitude. So this is what I couldn’t face? My own heart opening. I was so hurt as a young person, that I had locked my heart away, as I saw there was no place for it in this cold and heartless human world. Opening up to my own spiritual nature and the awareness of spiritual presence everywhere began to untwist my tightly armoured being. I began to feel a loving presence through me and of me; I unlocked my voice, and the flowing heat in my body. This took years, and is still happening, I suspect the awakened power will never stop evolving and expanding. It’s a beautiful journey, but not easy or strait forward.

I believe that a spiritual life filled with art, music, dance, and healing was the life that was always meant for me, but it wasn’t in the career options forms I had to fill out in school. It wasn’t anywhere outside me, actually. It lived deep in my shamanic DNA, placed there by my beloved ancestors, waiting to be activated when I made the choice to live. It is from this place that I offer healing, potent magical flower remedies, art vibrating with life force, and music that awakens. I live again with these three simple things : music, nature, and animals plus a few more, art and movement. I believe a simple, well intentioned life aligned with the earth is the doorway to our personal and global health and power.