Sacred Pause at Midwinter

Dec 19, 04:21 am

On the Wheel of the Year we now leap into our faith and hope. Although we are entering three hard months of cold and darkness, the sun is reborn on the Solstice. Day by day she emerges through the dark veils of winter, and after the Spring Equinox the sun retakes centre stage for her grand performance. Yule reminds us of this cycle; we fill our homes with evergreens and candles to celebrate the returning of the light.

The Winter Solstice affords us a chance at rebirth, leaving the previous year behind to create a new one from our dreams and desires. This in between time holds much magic, if we allow ourselves to be in tune with the earth and our place in it. Sit with what is, listen to the earth, and carve out a bit of soft slow time.

Allowing. Forgiving. Letting go. 

And calling on our own expression of spirit to flow through.

 Your expression maybe art, playing with your children, singing, or caring for your home. Maybe it’s writing letters for environmental and social justice, or hugging your favourite trees. Perhaps you light candles and pray for peace. You might be tired and want to rest. On the Solstice you will be joining hundreds, thousands, or even millions of others all over the planet in this ritual of remembering.

Yule is my time of art making, divination, altar creation, walks on the earth, and candlelight meditation. As I sip evergreen tea I feel the closeness of the winter spirits, and the ancestors of Yule.

To accompany your midwinter ritual, I offer you this prayer: may it feel fully embodied, timeless, sacred. May you have your breath, and your body, and be inspired to tend to what is most holy in your life.

Solstice Blessings