Mars Retrograde -Forgiving the Past

Sep 28, 02:48 am

I am sitting in my studio this morning writing the 3rd draft of my blog, not happy with the other two I’d wrote in previous weeks. They were fine, but not quite what I wanted to say.

What am I doing this fall? Deep work. So many things are pressing my buttons I feel like an elevator. Mars retrogrades aren’t good for Aires, we like to be on top and ahead of things. Delays, crossroads, indirect routes can make us crazy. Patience, acceptance, gratitude, and surrender, are a daily routine to keep my fire smooth and light. The other fine practice I have added to my daily repertoire is forgiveness.


Don’t we love to be forgiven? What a feeling that is, when you make a boo boo and the other lets it go. Wow, so much stress instantly evaporates. I realized in this self reflective atmosphere that I need to forgive more, and more. Not just daily but for things that happened years ago, when I hadn’t accumulated the wisdom I have now. A lot of it is self forgiveness, but there are others to forgive too. Consciousness is a path that is earned through hard work and going against the status quo, which means there is probably a lot in all our pasts that need to be forgiven. I can already feel a knot in my stomach loosening, from less than a week of daily forgivenesses. Just to remind of the obvious, forgiveness never means that harm done is OK, it means that we are letting the energy attachment go. We are releasing the karmic bond of hurt. The action can still be wrong, but we are no longer in bondage with it. THAT is freedom.

How I am forgiving? There are many excellent letting go practices and I’ve tried a lot of them over the years. My least favourite is the modern version of Ho’oponopono, although I’ve gone through a more traditional ceremony and that is very effective. What I find works the best is a mix of intention, visualization, emotion, movement, voice, breath, and Spirit. Reenacting the experience and feeling all the terrible feelings in a sacred circle of loving ancestors and offering up the betrayal as a gift to the collective is an act of love. When we let the energy go, we are giving the energy back into the universe, so it is a gift to everyone living. I like to use gestures, dance, mudras, EFT, QiGong, mantras as part of the ritual. Lots of feeling, action, and sound. I also incorporate flower essences. I have created a strong mix of willow, sage, and Mariposa lily for general forgiving, and depending on where the the specific betrayal resides in my body I may add other flowers.

Sometimes a forgiveness practice will indicate that a confrontation with the other person is needed. I still recommend doing the private work first to release as much emotional charge as you can. But when it comes down to it, so much of this work is about forgiving ourselves.

Many Blessings