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What the Dandelion Says | Beth Lenco

What the Dandelion Says

Feb 18, 06:07 am

I am here to awaken the Spirit.

Remind you of the simplicity of life.
The joy to be found in the simple earthly pleasures.


Green grass

simple food.

To release the worry and bitterness of the past. To cleanse the irritation and regret.

To again pause, breathe, and connect to the wonder and mystery of the present. What simple joy you will find here.

Do what feeds this light my child. You are here but once. Make the most of it -and not by trying to best everyone around you with material gains, but to live your truth and your deep dreams.

Awaken them. Let them out. The key to your happiness and your survival lives in your dreams. Your animal dreams, flower dreams, sunlit water dreams, moonbeam and rainbow dreams. The sweetness of these dreams you must feel more and more.

I can help you with this.

These impressions, these fleeting energy lines that you see at the corners of your perceptions…these are the lights showing the way.

If you follow them, they will get stronger and lead you home.