What the Tree Says

Jan 12, 11:45 AM

Sit down beside me.
Hush your mind.
The young ones are growing up oblivious to who they are. They have been seeded and raised for production.
Not so different from how your own species is being raised now. But we’re not all like that. Many of the elders and even some of the young remember. We remember a time when all were in relationship. Not that long ago either. When trees and humans loved each other for what they brought to the other..

How was it reciprocal you ask? How did WE benefit from humans? Oh, it was mutual. You help spread our seed, you trim our branches, and make beautiful structures and tools from our wood. It has always been this way. In doing so, you honour and value us. Your appreciation helped us grow big and strong and have many children.

You’ve noticed yourself how your loving touch and voice helps me heal and grow strong. You notice how proud I feel when you admire me or use my medicine. It’s like that. Trees love to be useful, just like humans. We love to have a purpose and to be of service.

You live in a world now where everything, even your own, is seen as a commodity to be used. To be chewed up and spat out by the machine. Your world has lost the story.

What can you do to change this you ask? Sing. Sing to us and especially sing to the young ones. Sing the story. Tell them who they once were, who they really are. They will remember, because it wasn’t that long ago. But you must keep the story alive. The story of our ancestors when trees were the great medicine makers, timekeepers, and healers of our planet. It was so once and it can be so again, but not if the memory is lost.

Keep the story alive in your songs and sing to the young ones, so they can remember and be strong again.