Novembers New Moon

Nov 23, 08:30 pm

I want to write on my blog more. That’s it. I have more to say, and with SUCH A BUSY practice, I find little time to write anymore. But this moon is special. Not only is my Neptune in Sagittarius but my moon and Jupiter are in the 9th house and the sign of Sag is in my 11th house -the house of wishes come true. So after such an intense Scorpio eclipse season I’m due (we’re all due!) for some joyous wishes coming to fruition.

Astrology is a passion of mine. It began as a way to try and understand my blocked energy and contradictions. In the process I discovered me -what is truly me and what was a program that was in the way. I began to understand where to put my energy and focus. You can too. Whether you book a consultation with me or take the time to figure it out on your own (although I highly recommend booking with me!) you will gain so much from learning to read your own chart. Nothing is more accurate than astrology. When I add shamanic healing, flower essences, energy work, and tarot to the cauldron, a most amazing Alchemy takes place.

It is such an enchanting time right now. This life. There is so much potential for awakening the spirit and transforming the soul. The tools are in our hands now and we need to use them wisely. We all have much more power than we realize. So as we incubate on this new moon, awaiting the rebirth, what is it that you want to bring forth in the world and your life? Take some time right now to write about that. Make a wish. Take your wish to the wind, sea, fire, or earth. Speak it to the elements and pray that it come from the highest wishes for the planet. We are evolving together and we need each other to use our brains to uplift the collective.

Blessed Be