Feeding the Ancestors

Nov 1, 02:34 PM

It’s time for ancestral rooting: grounding ourselves in those mysterious ancient places which dwell inside each of us. The halfway point between the equinox and solstice is the inbetween time that the Celts loved and celebrated for it’s magic and potency. It was their New Year; the darkest time before the light. We may feel the call and pull of our ancient lineages more strongly now. Our psychic senses on high, noticing slight movements in the twilight, feeling the moon’s guidance, or hearing soft whispers in the wind. These are our ancestors coming close while the veil is thin. It’s hard to say good bye to summer and face the impending winter, but the reward is this soft quiet closeness of ancient magic.

It’s time to feed the spirits. Bring a plate of food out at twilight to leave for the spirits of place and your ancestors, or leave a plate inside for the evening on an ancestor altar. This is a practice I hold dear and want to share with everyone because it is so enriching. People who yearn to be connected with their place on earth, will find it. Those longing to connect to ancient wisdom and magic, will find it. Those wishing to forge deeper relationships with the faery folk, will find that too.

Allow the critters outside to finish the plate off or bring it back in before bed.

Don’t ever eat spirit food, as it has already been energetically eaten. Throw it out, if you aren’t feeding the night creatures.


Let There Be Light!

Apr 24, 02:50 PM

Change is afoot. April felt like a long dark birth canal with crappy weather and edgy planetary alignments. Life felt weighted and tense. Advice from a dear friend: hold on and let go. Sometimes one looks around and asks, “what’s there to hold on to? What do I let go of?”
I’ve begun an evening practice of looking at my day, and letting go of anything that’s clinging to my thoughts. Perhaps something that didn’t go as well as I had hoped, or some fresh new horror in the news. Releasing the day before bed has quickly become a cherished contemplative practice.

I would say in general this month, I’ve amped up my spiritual practices considerably. One reason is that I’ve let things slide, but another reason is because the world just seems to have gone completely sideways. Instead of feeling despair, I can sit with Spirit and be grateful for my life and the life I see around me. Although it seems the political powers that be are hell bent on selling us fast food consumption of everything and anything. (It’s like we can’t destroy our world fast enough.) I am also so completely in awe at the growing number people who are turning to the earth, each other, and all beings with fierce and vast love.

May Day is next week along with the full moon. It’s the time when the faeries and nature spirits are close to the earth. The veil thins and we can almost touch each other. The full moon will heighten that. I feel them intensely now, as the etheric body of the earth is stronger in the spring. That life force and light we feel in nature is their energy. To me it feels like a cooling bubbling underground spring of pure water swirling around my body. It gives me relief knowing that I’m not alone here. Even as we totally mess up the planet, we aren’t alone, we do have spiritual help. But we have to ask. And all together, we can change things. Co-creation.

Faith has been a big test for me in my life. I think it is for most on this path. And by “this path” I I mean the path of Earth as Living Being. Earth and Universe as an alive consciousness and the direct experience of our Galaxy and Earth in a living relationship. This relationship with what some call The Web of Life, is where I ground my essence. And without it, I go adrift, and when I’m adrift, I think dark thoughts. Simple as that. It would appear that most of the people on this planet are adrift, disconnected from the Web of Life. Dark thoughts can turn to dark deeds, without something to bring a person back into connection. We all must find the practice(s) which bring us back into living relationship with the web of life. And frankly, that’s a tall order because our culture all but lost this connection a long time ago. We all have ancestors that lost their way, and we all carry wounds and degrees of amnesia from that collective problem. It’s not impossible to remedy, because we also have ancestors that lived in a good way and we can learn from them. But we each must do our work.

The good news is The Web of Life wants us back, and it welcomes us. There’s no shaming or blaming from nature and spirit. You just step back into relationship a little bit each day. And that consistent practice of relationship is what opens the door for deeper connection. We need maps for this re-entering and I can say that my shamanic practice is my map and has been for 15 years. It’s not indigenous or traditional, but it’s intent is to reweave my tear in the Web of Life. It was my soul’s longing that steered me to shamanism, and it’s the relief and gratitude of relationship that keeps me deepening my practice. It feels like I’m tested on this daily, but I suppose that’s still necessary. There are a few spots left for my intro to shamanism class in early May and my new course Middle World Work in June is open for enrollment. If this work inspires you, please join us.

Beltane Blessings!


Welcome Spring!!!

Mar 20, 10:42 AM

It’s Spring! The Spring Equinox (equal night) begins when our sun enters the zodiacal sign of Aries. Aries is the beginning of the zodiac, our yearly solar wheel. The new moon just passed on the 17th, so we are at the beginning of a moon cycle as well. The old year has finally and truly ended with the passing of Pisces. Everything is new. And we can start anew.

Our Celtic ancestors celebrated this time with wild dancing in the woods. It was probably still too cold for the sexual exploits of Beltane, but indeed the feeling of bursting out and going wild must have been intense after the stark and desperate days of winter. We made it! For the next 8 or so months the bone cold fingers of the Cailleach can not scrape at our necks. We are free. For a time. But right now, right this moment, as we stand in equal portions of day and night, that time is all ahead of us.

Rest, relax, breathe, take that in for a moment. The Equinox is energetically a time for balance so we don’t burn out before the Summer Solstice! There may be a few things in the closet to take care of.

We can look to the ancient Dawn and Fertility Goddesses: Persephone, Freya, Artemis, Kaltes, Lada, Flora who were honoured by our ancestors at this time. Calling on the dawn goddess for her blessings, would ensure prosperity and abundance for the community during the harvest season. We are awakening into the time of light and fire. Our prayers are still for the year in front of us. Perhaps we have new ideas and projects that need a bit of initiatory fire blessing to get going or to continue. A few of the Dawn Goddess symbols were birds, bunnies, and eggs, all symbols of magic, healing, and fertility. What project or goal in your life could use a little magic, healing, and fertility?!

For me, I’ve had a dream of offering more advanced shamanic workshops and retreats, to the more serious students who want to take their shamanic practice further. The timing hasn’t been right until now. So this is in the works, but I do need some help from the Great Goddess to get this all under way. I don’t want another year to go by. So my spring altar will have these symbols of the Goddess plus a written description of the classes I want to share. I will include supportive tarot cards and candles and perhaps images of my own helping spirits who are encouraging me from the other side. It takes a lot of discipline to cut out the distractions and get a project moving, altars can be focus points for this very important work. Another simpler version of an altar is a vision board. A kind of two dimensional altar. I read somewhere that the Spring Equinox is THE power time of the whole year to make a vision board. When I think of vision boards, I think of the master Vicki Noble. Her vision boards are breathtaking and she has made a lot happen in her life. I spent a day with her at her kitchen table in Santa Cruz in my mid 30s. We combed through my birth chart and she taught me Dakini Rituals. I hold that day as a day of pure magic in my life. A day that continues to inform and feed me. Kind of like a living psychic altar.

So blessings to all at this energetically wild weathery time, may the bright forces come together to free your dreams and desires.


Sensing the Land

Feb 21, 04:07 PM

Morning February 19th 2018

I stand outside at sunrise. Listen, has been the spiritual message I have been getting for a long while. So I try to listen more and longer, as often as I remember. This morning is visually spectacular, but I close my eyes, once I’ve found my spot in the snow by the well. It’s easier to listen with the eyes closed. So I stand there in the warming sun with my birch staff and housecoat, feeling the energy of my feet grounding into the earth. Breathing in fresh cool air into my body, exhaling what is me, out into the land. Inviting myself to become as fully present and in my body as I can be.
The first thing I hear is the continuous drone of large ocean waves crashing on the shore outside the Mahone Bay islands. An off shore storm must be passing through. If I shift my perception I can pretend I’m in a city or near a highway with the noise of traffic. Gratefully I come back quickly to the reality of the ocean. I live here for a reason, and a big one is natural sound. The next sounds I notice are all the birds flying around, waking up, and greeting the day like me. I hear chickadees and finches at my feeder, crows announcing morning news to each other across the neighbouring land formations. Seagulls swooping and squawking overhead. What are they on about? Perhaps they notice the seagull wings I picked up off the beach yesterday drying on my well. Maybe it was one of their friends. “I’m sorry your friend died” I say. Then I hear a loon out in the cove, she calls every few minutes, and jays travelling around looking for the gang. Then there’s starlings clucking and twinkling somewhere near the willows. What’s that? I think a fox barked.

I shift my perceptions from listening to feeling. Can I feel the life growing under the soil? The great earth waking up? I think I can, the energy under my feet certainly feels more alive. I feel a sense of being watched, like eyes on on me. I’m being observed and felt as I observe and feel. Is it the spirit of the land? Or all the many beings that I share life with here, the birds and breezes, and trees. I begin to feel a light cool breeze touching my bare hands. I reach out to touch back, sharing intimate physical communion with the air. For a moment I think about summer teeming with songbirds, insects, and flowers. How different it is now, so quiet and stark, but still full of life. I open my eyes to see the golden white crystal snow with it’s contrasting rich blue shadows. Everything is covered in snow diamonds this morning. The temperature is ideal, just around zero, no wind. A perfect winter morning. I think and feel up to the moon, rising just behind the sun, and all the summer stars up in the sky past our pale blue atmosphere. I notice tracks in the snow, coming up the driveway, crossing over to Lily’s and then coming back over here to the well. The beast mostly used the car tracks but I notice how it’s paw prints show up by the well where I have the seagull wings drying. Most likely our local fox checking things out, looking for treats. I call her Annie. Annie Fox was my Great Irish Grandmother.

I begin to chill and notice that my time of stillness and sensing is over. With great gratitude for this morning, I come back in to write this.


Voices Within

Sep 30, 08:05 PM

Last month I made a quick reference on Facebook to our ancestors. I had been experiencing deep ancestral grief over a number of days for which I was practicing mindfulness and self compassion. In an earlier time I would have been flooded with somatic sensation and perhaps lost myself in grief for weeks or even months. I’ve learned to stay with these feelings and be close but not let them over take me. I find this somatic processing one of the best tools of our time, as so many of us are so sensitive and there is much karma being released in the collective field. I’m sure many of you are like me, whose spirit has taken on the task of collective shadow processing. Wether its our personal or collective shadow we are processing, mindfulness and self compassion are key to successful understanding.

Back to the ancestors. I learned just in time, that from the full to the new moon every September is in the Vedic tradition the time of honouring the ancestors. They will show up with gifts or unprocessed grief for us to assimilate and heal at this time of year. Knowing what to do with this grief allowed me to sit with it, feel it fully, and transmute it through my body, breath, and heart. I spent several evenings with them around the fire, inviting their words and tears and wisdom, and offering my presence and breath. I gained deeper insight into their lives and how they could support me live mine. It was a merging of our worlds, and we were able to sit in a place of unity for a time.

During this time a client was experiencing intense ancestral visitations as well, and she has given me permission to share a part of her story. During a healing session we were able to localize and extract a part of her ancestral trauma into a holding field outside her body. In a later session we organized a small ceremony to visit this localized pain and ask it what it needed to heal. In that ceremony we experienced a number of things, some the same and some different. What I experienced from this localized pain, was a vast number of ancestors, hundreds of them dating back maybe thousands of years. They were shadowed and grieving because they had lost their connection to Source/God/dess/Spirit. The thing is, each of them was surrounded in a field of source light, they just didn’t know it. They had been told over and over, and eventually believed that they had been cast out, in exile from the love of Spirit. They had not lost their connection, they had not been cast out, they only thought they had. I spoke to them and pointed out what I saw, which was clearly the field of source love around every single one of them no matter what they had done in their lives. At that moment a shift in consciousness and healing took place. We then sat in that presence until we ended the session. I Haven’t yet spoken with this person about any changes this made in her own life, but I would suspect that changes will unfold for the better.

And this is the work that my own ancestors were interested in as well. Sharing this vision that we were never cast out. We, and our ancestors, never were abandoned by God/dess/Source/Self/Love, no matter what we did. We were just told that over and over until a lot of us believed it. And with that belief came crushing hopelessness. We are living in dark times indeed, but we also all see lights of hope everywhere. And we can connect with these lights and let them mirror our own true divine nature, our own light. And in doing that, the light gets stronger. The light of love, presence, beauty, forgiveness, kindness, generosity, healing-they are all there, they never left us. This is our divinity. And as the divine forces grow inside us, giving us strength, we are able to confront and transmute our own darkness more and more, which feeds the collective good. It’s a cycle of inner work and healing and it’s what is required of us at this time. Remember, you are never alone in this, we are in it together.


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