What I do

I offer private appointments for individuals via phone, skype, or in person.

Shamanic Healing sessions provide deep healing on a soul level. Please read below to learn about some of the methods I use, but in general I take time to learn about your life and what is troubling you. I work in a sacred circle inviting my spirit helpers and the Great Spirit to assist on your behalf. This is where wonderful things happen! Depending on what is needed in the moment the healing might be active and quite participatory, or it could be calming and more relaxing. It all depends on what you are ready to let go of and receive and how my spiritual helpers are guiding the healing session.

In all sessions, your wholeness, wisdom, and privacy is honoured.

It is advised to consider several appointments over a period of time. I recommend 3 sessions (1 per month) to fully address an issue of healing in your life. I strive to keep my prices as low as I possibly can to not limit people’s ability to access my healing services. If you find my prices still unaffordable please inquire, as I offer several discounted sessions per month. I also accept donations to fund those in need.

Common Areas of Exploration

-loss of life direction and creativity
-clarity of soul purpose,
-family and relationship problems
-feelings of being lost and alone
-social conditioning resulting in unhealthy patterns
-addictions and other patterns of suffering,
-illness and physical/emotional pain
-spiritual pain and disconnection from Self and Earth
-grief, loss, stuckness, and depression
-string of bad luck
-need for authentic and personal spiritual relationship and direct experience
-spiritual crises and shamanic calling

If you are struggling with suicidal urges, deep emotional trauma, PTSD, or other severe physical or psychological issues, please seek additional medical help. Shamanic healing may support you in these places of crises, but is helpful to have a healing team if possible. I will work with your doctors and psychotherapists if they are willing. Please disclose any history with mental illness, hospitalization, and medication.