Who are you?
Where did you come from?
What are you doing here?

SHAMANIC HEALING is a profound healing practice which addresses the spiritual source of pain and suffering in a person’s life. The shamanic healer aligns with the help of the spirit world to unwind and release unhealthy energy and to retrieve healthy spiritual energy for the client.

Unhealthy energy can show up as negative thinking, toxic positivity, physical or emotional suffering, heart/soul disconnection or a dissociation from the suffering of self or others, fatigue, confusion, financial imbalances, and loss of life direction to name a few.

There is a process of extracting or removing illness in a gentle way, followed by bringing back healthy spiritual energy that a person may have become disconnected from.

Heathy spiritual energy feels light, flowing, subtle, earthy, clear, compassionate, and clean and can bring a sense of relief, connection, hope, peace, and enthusiasm.

You do not need to know what you are coming for. I always ask for spiritual direction in your session and allow the healing to flow. It is a good idea to know what you want in your life. What do you desire? What is missing? Who or what are you jealous of?

IN the following weeks after a treatment there is a process of integration where the client may feel destabilized, or like very little is happening. Please take your time with the integration process, and address any issues coming up for you with needed therapies. I offer flower essences to help with this process. I also recommend journaling, spiritual bathing, time in nature, and creative pursuits such as art, movement, and music.

The result is a more whole sense of self and being. This is transformation.