Private Consultations

I offer spiritual consultations to individuals via phone, skype or in my home clinic. These sessions provide an opportunity to address personal issues, limitations, pain and suffering or the need for change and expansion in your life. I work in partnership with the helping spirits to access your innate wholeness and healing potential, your light, and your own helping spirits. In this way, your personal healing power becomes activated and you learn to live that way.

Areas of exploration that people often inquire about are:

-loss of life direction,
-soul purpose,
-karmic/ancestral issues,
-relationship and job transitions,
-social conditioning
-addictions and other patterns of suffering,
-illness and physical/emotional pain
-feelings like you are not living your true self
-spiritual pain and disconnection

From a shamanic healing perspective many obstacles can be addressed through soul retrieval, extraction clearing, or empowerment rituals. Sometimes there are spirits who are suffering on earth whose fields are connected with the client, and these need to be compassionately assisted to complete their own journey. This is called compassionate deposession, and it is a life changing experience.

Shamanic healing does not guarantee results on it’s own. It is also necessary for the client to take personal responsibility on their own healing journey. This does not mean that a client need to take on the practice of shamanism if they are not called to do so. There are many psychological and spiritual methods to practice which will support inner work, personal transformation, and healing.

My job is to help you discover what is needed to assist you in your own journey of growth and transformation, and to bring in the areas of my expertise.

These are:
soul and power restoration and renewal,
nature connection,
Psychopomp and compassionate deposession (releasing of suffering beings who are stuck on the earth plane)

My own background of study and inquiry is in personal empowerment through spiritual practice. Plugging back into a spiritual source for nourishment, healing, and guidance. Reconnecting with the natural world for stability and balance. And regaining a sense of relationship within the web of life including the unseen world.

If you are struggling with suicidal urges, deep emotional trauma, PTSD, or other severe physical or psychological issues, please seek additional medical help. Shamanic healing may or may not support you in these places of crises. It is helpful to have a healing team if possible. I will work with your doctors and psychotherapists if they are willing. Please disclose any history with mental illness, hospitalization, and medication.