DIVINE FLOW Mini Retreat

Cultivating Balance and Harmony for Body, Mind, and Spirit

  • Zoom Class*
    Saturday June 13th
    $30, or pay what you can
    Divine Flow Mini Retreat is a shorter version of my full day workshop.

I will be sharing the fundamentals of energy hygiene and nature alignment to keep your nervous system functioning during stressful times. These enjoyable accessible practices, when done over time, can really land you in a deeper healing space of embodiment and empowerment.

This Saturday we will focus on the lower 3 chakras where most of us could use more awareness. These body spaces can be triggering for those who have experienced physical or sexual harm, so please make sure you are ready to bring your awareness there. I will also share techniques to cleanse and protect your personal space and release heavy draining energy from the body or home.

Please pre-register with payment, and I will send you the zoom link.

Also, we will be taking 10 minute breaks each hour to clear our energy from Zooming, so make sure you have some snacks and drinks on hand for yourself.