Spiritual and subtle body practices for personal empowerment

Spring 2019
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Pre-registration required

Energy Hygiene is an embodied method taught in 4 simple components:

Boundaries and Protection

Earthing and Centring

Clearing and Releasing

Creativity and Empowerment

In each component you will learn and experience practices to help you engage the body’s energy system and your own sense of empowerment. From the day, you will leave with tools to help you be in the world in a new way.

In every moment we have a choice to be constricted or to be open. In order to be open, we need to feel safe and contained, earthed and supported. We spend our lives building walls and defences in order to feel safe inside, we also create external structures of to do lists, obligations, and material possessions, just to feel like we can live without experiencing pain or harm.

Learning to live with an inner sense of balance and safety is a way forward out of the old patterns of business and defence.

Releasing other people’s energy and our old patterns from our bodies, minds, and spaces will give us the room we need to make changes happen. Changes which are grounded in our souls purpose on earth.

Slowing down and engaging our body’s power centres can ignite tremendous amounts of creative energy. The energy we need to create the life we want to live.

Learn to be truly earthed, safe, and clear, so that you can be open to receive the beauty of life that surrounds you.

Please bring:

-comfortable clothes
-slippers if you need them, as shoes will be left at the door.
-lunch (snacks and coffee or tea will be provided)
-journal and pen