DIVINE FLOW: Sacred Sexual Healing for Women

Cultivating Balance and Harmony for Body, Mind, and Spirit


Two classes scheduled:
1 in person, 1 over Zoom.
$90 each
Blandford:TBA 2021
Zoom: TBA 2021

I have been wanting to facilitate this class for years, and finally someone asked me to do it! I can not be more thrilled.

This is a class for biological women who are yearning to feel more deeply into their bodies and spirits and cultivate a sacredness within their sexuality. I am sharing it through the Divine Flow program so it will be energetic in context with focus on the root and sacral chakras and our deep connection to the Earth and Goddess. It will be part ceremony, part instruction, and lots of sisterhood.

Some of the topics we will cover:

western magic and manifestation
money and power
clearing blocks
ancestral trauma and the witch wound
crystals, herbs, and flowers
mantras and mudras
sexual tai chi for healing and deeper relationship with our bodies.

This class was MADE for a Samhain celebration and the month of Scorpio, I can’t wait to welcome you into our healing sanctuary.