Spiritual and subtle body practices for healing and embodiment


Three Evening classes, two hours per class. 6 hours in total, with light “at home” assignments.

Earth Body is a 3 week transformational program designed for people who are looking to learn more about their energy system, how their own energy works for them, and how they can stay clear and vital through challenging periods of their lives.

Over 3 evenings we will go deeply into our chakra system, auric boundaries, central energy channels, and healing fields. We will be working with the “felt sense” and the space where the physical body and spiritual body meet. This is the place where transformation and true healing occurs.

You will access your own powerful healing abilities through breath work, creative visualization, meditations and personal inquiry. All the practices are easy and fun to learn, but will take time to master in order to be truly effective. This is not a quick fix class, it is a deepening of the profound spiritual awareness which resides in the body. By practicing these techniques, over time, we can heal ourselves and be more effective with our own lives.

People who have taken this class report that they:

-Sleep better

-Access deeper meditative, healing, and creative states

-Feel calmer, centred, and more grounded and connected to planet earth

-Feel more protected and less fearful

-Feel less stress

-Feel greater empathy and compassion towards themselves and others

-Develop greater empowerment, courage, and individuation

-enhanced their yoga, reiki, shamanic, practice

-get on track with their lives

Please bring:

-comfortable clothes
-slippers if you need them, as shoes will be left at the door.
-light snack
-journal and pen