Starflower Essences

Crystal and Flower Essences created in Nova Scotia since 2006

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Flower and Crystal essences by Starflower are luminary infusions of natural flower and stone in water, then preserved in alcohol. The resulting medicine is taken internally as a remedy tincture to help align with the higher self, unifying body, mind, spirit, soul.

Since 2006, I have been creating crystal and flower essences from the land and seascapes here in Nova Scotia.

How They Work
Flower and crystal essences work with our subtle energy systems, bringing life force to places in us that have been out of balance, disowned, or forgotten. Essences work on a soul vibrational level, communicating with our deepest selves that are longing for expression. Starflower Essences help access our Soul’s wisdom, bringing our own unique power forward, and helping us release that which is not ours to carry.

How Starflower Essences are Made

Flower essences are made with local wild flowers, and some carefully tended garden flowers, pure ground water, and New Brunswick fruit schnapps. Crystal essences are made from carefully selected, hand mined crystals from Canada and the US, mostly in the Atlantic region of Maine, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland.

All essences are made during shamanic ceremonies during cosmic and astrological alignments, to ensure potency, purity, and vitality.

Where to Purchase Starlfower Chakra Blends

Sue MacPhee RMT, Sydney Cape Breton 902.202.2440

The Cosmic Hippie Boutique, Mahone Bay, NS

Bhavana Yoga Boutique, Quinpool Rd Halifax NS

Be Gorgeous 5486 Spring Garden Rd Halifax NS

Nan’s Rock Shop, Wilmot NS,

Starflower Studio, Blandford, NS


$20 per 15 ml bottle

Wholesale prices available for therapists, healers, and appropriate boutiques.

Chakra Essences, single essences, and personal blends can also be purchased through me at Starflower Studio.

Go deeper, with a half hour tarot consultation and a personal essence blend by phone or in person: $45

The Chakra Blends:

ROOT CHAKRA EARTH -Physical Experience Centre
Coltsfoot, Sow Thistle, Wild Carrot, Yarrow, Obsidian, Red Jasper

Imbalance – Fears revolving around food, security, shelter, and biological survival. Identification with material wealth for self preservation. Fear of the future. Seeing the world as unsafe. Low self esteem. Control issues, disconnection, instability, lethargy. Sexual drive and relationships based on survival needs.

Healing – Grounding home to planet earth! Independence of material identity. Increased vitality, presence, and abundance, physical enjoyment. Inner security and deep serenity. Less susceptible to control groups. Taking care of ourselves appropriately, and meeting all aspects of our lives with gratitude. Feeling the joy and truth of total embodiment on earth.

California Poppy, Lady’s Mantle, Lady’s Slipper, Water Lily, Aquamarine, Sacred Spring

Imbalance – Indulgence in fantasy, pleasures, desires for relationships, compulsions. Co-dependance, making sure desires are satisfied. Seeking pleasure through food, drink, drugs, sex. Trying to control our pleasure sources. Anger, greed, delusion, restriction, resistance, lust, addictions. Past life karma, collective and individual unconscious, conditioned patterns of behavior, energy blockages, psychic debris, memory storehouse, imprinting.

Healing – Detaching from disturbing sources of negative emotion. Discovering inner sources of nourishment, flow, creativity, and expression. Connecting to inner power and knowing. Healthy feeling centre. Emotional and psychic release. Joy in artistic pursuits. Confidence, pursuit of healthy relationships. Strong flowing Chi. Containment, boundaries, healthy power sharing.

SOLAR CHAKRA FIRE – Authentic Self Centre

Blackberry, Chamomile, Dandelion, Sunflower, Citrine, Smokey Quartz

Imbalance – Dominance, control, territorial, power hungry, disregard of others for personal achievement. Narcissism; need for recognition, fame, and fortune. Anger, violence, vengeance. Victim, weak willed, inferiority, false humility, lack of direction or values. Conflict.

Healing – Strong sense of self, Authorship, connected with life purpose and working with it. Standing upright, authenticity. Good relationship with fire. Assertive, courageous, strong will, life goals, upfront, cooperative, clear. Taking care of oneself, really honouring your individual self, self acceptance, personal fulfillment. Taking action towards personal goals, and dreams. Confidence.

HEART CHAKRA AIR -Feeling Centre
Apple Blossom, Borage, Hawthorn, Wild rose, Green Tourmaline in Quartz, Rose Quartz

Imbalance – Dim, dull, afraid of people and life, disconnected from family and friends, thoughts that everyone is against them, life lacks colour and joy. Hopelessness, chronic grief or despair. Closed off from self and others. Depression. Thinking that others will supply love. Not knowing how to share love, or even what love is.

Healing – Connected to ones own unique love. Feeling warmth, and joy; connecting to others in open ways, excited about life, loving one’s self. Compassion, lovingkindness, empathy, unconditional love, generosity, forgiveness, celebration. Feeling centered in love. Gratitude. Appreciation. Emotional flow. Transmutation and transformation. Centre of Alchemy. Harmonious Desire.

Buttercup, Calendula, Blue Flag Iris, Dragon’s Mouth Orchid, Blue Lace Agate, Thunder Water

Imbalance – Fear of speaking or revealing oneself. Lack of personal authority. Shyness, mistrust of instincts, lack of direction or personal charge. Poor listening skills, lack of awareness, and discipline. Attachment, over conditioning, reactionary, fragmentation, constriction. No devotion. Turning Life off.

Healing – Giving voice to Self. Expressing needs, dreams, and visions. Co-creating a manifested life. Expressing truth through all forms of creativity. Receiving what is needed to transform one’s life. Purification, faith, devotion, surrender, limitlessness. Giving and receiving, speaking and listening to all of life. Creative flow.

THIRD EYE CHAKRA Transpersonal -Mind Centre
Morning Glory, Ox-Eye Daisy, Valerian, Wormwood, Labradorite, Vesuvianite

Imbalance – Lack of connection to higher knowing. Brain Fog, energy blocks, poor memory, feeling disconnected or thick, too much outside interference, voices in the head, myopia, inability to see the big picture. skewed perception, shadow projection. Controlling thought forms.

Healing – Expanded vision and contemplative peaceful mind. Experience of all realities. Receptivity. Clarity. Clear perception of multiple realities. Awareness

CROWN CHAKRA Transpersonal -Divine Self
Aster, Forget-Me-Not, Lavender, Starflower, Amethyst, Quartz Crystal

Imbalance – Lack of faith, disconnection from God/dess and higher self. Thinking that the universe is unsafe. Fear of one’s self, or one’s actions. False identification.

Healing – Union with the Divine, with ultimate awareness, with infinite consciousness. Connecting to the source of all reality. Seeing the self as sacred. Seeing all manifested reality as a source of creation and divinity. Divine Guidance. Potential. Everyday blessings and miracles. Faith, evolutionary consciousness, Oneness with the web of life. Inspiration.

How to Use Starflower Light Essences


Keep your essence upright, and out of direct sunlight, near computers, or heat. Don’t let the essence sit in the rubber stopper, squeeze contents out of the dropper after each use.

Store your essence bottle in a place that is calm and clean.

If you feel the essence has lost it’s potency:

Place the essence in a small dish of sea salt for half an hour or so, shake vigorously, or tap the bottom of the bottle on your palm to reactivate the vibration.


Take 4 drops of the essence under the tongue or in water 4 times a day. I prefer the water method. Also use it in your bath, in an altar water bowl, or directly on the skin. Try placing a few drops of chakra essence on the chakra that you are working with.

If you find the essence is too potent try a number of things:

-lower the dosage: try just one or two drops once, or several times a day.

-pulse the dosage: use the essence only on alternate days. One day on, one day off.

-make a remedy bottle from your stock tincture: fill another 10 or 15ml bottle half with brandy and water, add 4-6 drops of your essence into this bottle. Shake vigorously for about a minute.

Work with your intention for healing and positive change in your life. Use the essence when you are meditating, out in nature, during yoga or dance, before bed, or when journalling. Take time to feel the essence circulate through your energy body(water helps), working with your intentions for transformation and change. Essences work “with” your Higher Self, so we often do not know how the shifts will take place. Slow down, get present, and open yourself to your own potential and destiny.