“You’re a shaman, Beth – your shamanic healing healed me. I just wanted to validate that. I don’t know if you’re needing validation, but I wanted to give it to you anyway. My throat chakra block has ruled my life since I was born. I have worked with it so much over the years you can’t imagine, but it needed the final push to clear, and I guess I was ready for it finally. You and the spirit helpers knew what I was really needing and asking for unconsciously, and you were the instrument that is so evolved, connected and grown enough to make it happen. I’m completely amazed, inspired and grateful. It was probably the most powerful healing I’ve ever had.”
-L. M. Halifax

Hi Beth, I wanted to let you know your workshop helped me in numerous ways in healing, protecting and loving myself, and was a catalyst for me to start to change my mindset and inner dialogue with myself. It was a kick in the butt I needed to realize that I hadn’t been taking care of myself spiritually and that trickled into my emotional state and overall wellbeing. Thanks for giving me the extra time and advice, and I’m truly grateful to have met you! -Jayne, Halifax


A spritz of Stella is like standing at the ocean on a moonless night when the Net of Stars is showing us the way home. -Susan, New Jersey

After taking the Heart chakra essence one morning before class, one of my students could see a pink hue in my auric field around my chest area, she actually took a picture of me and I could see it in the photo! Simply amazing! Thank you for raising the vibration of Mother Earth! -Sue Massage Therapy Instructor, Cape Breton