Healing Services

All sessions are held in Blandford, about 50 minutes from Halifax on the South Shore of Nova Scotia

Once you have contacted me, via my contact page, we will set up a convenient time to have a quick phone conversation to highlight the core issues you would like to address in a shamanic healing session.


Shamanic Therapy Session:

1.5 hour session : $145 including 15 ml Starflower Essence blend

Shamanic Apprenticeship and Mentoring: $60 per hour.

Distance healing including phone consultations: $75 per hour

Tarot Counselling

Tarot Counselling is a dialogue between client and reader. The cards show us what you need to know about a personal issue. They will not reveal anything about other people, they are for you. Counselling is different than predictive tarot, it is about finding your way through life, with the help and guidance of spirit.

One card email consultation: $25 This is a great option when you are looking for a bit of guidance but don’t need a full session. I love doing these, and people love receiving them! They are like a gift of magic in your inbox!

Half Hour phone/skype tarot consultation: $40 This is a 2 or 3 card reading. We start with what you want guidance on, and draw a card. After the meaning of this card in understood in context, we will draw the next, and perhaps another.

One Hour phone/skype tarot consultation or in person: $75 This is like the half hour session but more detailed and in depth. We can look at past/present/future spreads, or medicine wheel spreads, or my signature Starflower Spread that focuses on wholeness and integrative healing.

One Hour Tarot Consultation and Energy Tune Up: $95 with Starflower Essence.
You can enjoy a half hour tarot reading and energy clearing/balancing session. This can be very helpful when going through periods of transition or change and you are looking for clarity and centering for the road ahead.

One Hour Crystal Therapy and Sound Healing: $95 With Starflower Essence. This is one pure hour of total relaxation and release. The mixture of appropriate stones on the body that match your energy frequency, enhanced with healing sounds and tuning fork applications, will bring you into a healing and transformational state where deep work on a soul level can be done. This is a perfect treatment for supporting the body/mind/spirit through change or as a stabilizing treatment inbetween deeper shamanic sessions.

Tarot Parties: $350 I will come to your home, providing certain requirements are met, and provide tarot consultations for 3 hours. I can usually see between 6 and 9 people. Obviously the more people, the shorter the session! Even a one card mini session can be very insightful and an interesting way to celebrate a birthday, move, or marriage.

Business and House Clearing and Blessings: Price to be discussed. I will clear business properties, houses, and business contracts of unwanted energies and entities. If there are ethical/relational issues in the business/family causing energetic problems, that will be raised in the session, and we will address solutions. Once the house/business is cleared, a blessing ceremony can be held. It is possible to complete the clearing/blessing in one session, but several sessions may be needed for situations with deeper problems.