Tarot Spirit Ceremony $450

This is a very special ceremony where I consult the tarot spirits who reside in your birth chart and discuss matters of most importance to you. I work on your entire chart and open up a sacred circle which allows the tarot spirits in your chart to speak with each other and me, openly to resolve conflict. I am do this ceremony in private. I will let you know the day I am doing the ceremony. I will also provide with you a written and audio account of what took place within your personalized ceremony: what came up, what was cleared or re-organized, and the gifts and blessings which came forward as a result.


Find Your Inner Compass for the Next 12 Months $350

Luna Flow is a class like no other. We take your birth chart and look at it through a lunar lens (which is the hidden backseat driver of your life!). Then we follow the year as it pertains to YOUR chart finding tarot cards and affirmations to align with your overall values and intentions. It takes a few minutes to get oriented but even the newest newbies to astrology pick up this system fast. And it has changed people’s lives making them more steady and fearless throughout the year. It helps us handle the unknown with a bit more guff.

A dangerous practice (in my mind) is to dabble on the internet reading astrology blogs and headlines without considering the mind state, biases, or intelligence of the writers or YouTubers. A lot of people out there want clicks, and they want to shock and perhaps even spread a bit of chaos. A lot of people out there are afraid, or just making shit up. For years I saw this with other internet writers and speakers, until I learned astrology for myself and now ignore the noise.

One thing to remember:

You have the power. You have the power in your own life and the colour and shape of that power is laid out in your birth chart. We can take back control of our own narrative and for me that was about getting a handle on my moon…as our moons symbolize our inner narrative. What are the feelings, tones, and moods that shape the stories you tell yourself in your head? Are they healthy and supportive? Or are they critical and crushing? Do you even know? Are you even aware that you can change that inner feeling tone?

Beginning to track the moon with our birth chart, starts to give us more agency with how our lives unfold. Combine this with the tarot whose imagery and spirit direct our brains towards our deepest values and vision, and we have a powerful tool to transform our lives.

I have been offering Luna Flow sessions for the past 2 years and I am always amazed at people’s response. They get it, they use it, and they change.

$110 Luna Flow Class

$350 Luna Flow 1:1

if you would like a 1:1 session for Luna Flow to dive deep into your personal birth chart and how it relates to your inner narrative and life experience you can book this anytime.

If we are doing this on zoom, you must have your own tarot deck, one that resonates with your life and makes you feel like you are looking at aspects of yourself. My favourites for this work are THE GAIAN TAROT by Johanna Powell Colbert, and THE LIGHT SEERS TAROT, by Chris Anne.