Shamanism is a tricky thing to learn and even trickier to teach. It asks for flexibility, surrender, change, and lots and lots of practice. I learned shamanism primarily from Michael Harner and a few of his senior students. This type of shamanism is called Core Shamanism because it addresses the core practices of medicine people around the world. Harner was an anthropologist and a scientist and was rigorous in his research and teaching. As a young student I was drawn to his clean clear methods. When magic is presented with such clarity it can be learned.

I teach with Harner’s principles as my foundation, for it was his teachings that allowed my own work to expand and blossom. As I tip my hat to my former teacher I also recognize his limitations and have sought to create my own interpretation of the work. So with that in mind, this class although grounded in the methods of core shamanism, is very very different. Its focus on earth connection and elemental magic differs greatly from Harner’s teachings, as does many of the somatic and creative practices that I have learned from my explorations into tantric yoga, taoist alchemy, herbalism, trauma healing, and European/Norse witchcraft. Because I am not a part of any academic institution, or religion, I can teach whatever I’ve found that works, and this is I think, the beauty of shamanism. It is timeless and alive and can be adapted to the needs of the people.

Harner taught me that the main teachers are the Spirits. Always. And the only true way to find out if something works is to try it out. The only way we are going to learn is by doing. Not by reading. So this is a doing course, you will be having experiences though practice. How exciting!

The course itself is a full year and it will be mostly presented through recorded videos. I will also be meeting with you online twice a month to practice together and flush out the teachings. We will also have a private Facebook group to gather in and get to know each other there too. All classes will be done in Atlantic Time Zone, but you can take this class from anywhere because it will be all online.

I do ask one big thing of you. That you can stay with the class and come to as many live events as possible. Twice a month when we gather, we will be working together so showing up means helping yourself and your classmates. So only sign up if you think you have time for a full year of study, where you keep up with the circle. I would say if you had an hour or two a week to devote yourself to the material, you’ll be fine. That’s minimum.

Please contact me if you are interested in joining us for 2023/24!