Witch Wound Healing Circle

7 Week ZOOM Class

Friday October 13
Tuesday October 17th, 24th
Tuesday November 7th, 14th, 22nd, 28th

7PM – 8PM (ish)
$175 ~$150 if you register before October 01

The world needs honest magic. The earth needs us to resacralize. To re-enchant. This will awaken and heal the etheric fields and forces of life that maintain balance and harmony of our planet. It is us, humans, women, witches, who do this. Creating this magic together will magnify the power of life 10 fold.

It is time.

But first we need to heal our magic. Heal our bodies, our voices, and our hearts.

In a circle of healing we find safety and security, we see we are not alone and we belong to a much greater collective. The problems of dimming, withholding, procrastinating, and perfectionism are not ours to bare alone, but we see them as symptoms of a culture that denies magical reality and essentially love.

Though they may feel personal, our witch wounds are the wounds of the collective rooted deep in patriarchal colonial systems. But they are ours to heal, and as we heal the personal, we heal the collective. The witch wound isn’t just an inherited trauma to our intuitive and psychic gifts, it is the reason why we don’t speak up, why we stay in abusive relationships, stay addicted to substances, why we can’t seem to manifest our dreams, or live in prosperity. It is what makes us scattered, people pleasing , fearful, triggered, exhausted, and untrue to our deepest selves. It is why we dim our lights or defer to others. It is why we give our power away over and over even though we know better. It may show up in ways that have absolutely nothing to do with magic but at its root, it is our source of earth magic and beauty. ‘

I have spent over 50 years living the witch wound and over 20 years healing it. The more I awaken from this collective nightmare the more I see how desperately we all need to heal from it. This 7 week course is just a beginning. It could be an ongoing collective circle. But I hope it IS a beginning and that if you feel that you are not living in your true power in any way, if you feel you are not living your light and you long for a deeper relationship with your self and the earth and you are ready to look at it through the lens of the powerful healer women ancestors who came before you, please…

Come join us.