Divine Flow Series

Full Moon Tarot
Open to All
Jen 23rd
7-9 PM

Please register by sending an e-transfer to beth@bethlenco.com or to Beth Lenco on PayPal.

Thank you!!

Hello Everyone! I am creating a wonderful little tarot magic evening on the full moon for anyone who would like to come.

Due to last month’s success I would like to make this a monthly event. I’m having so much fun creating them and gathering together on the full moon. Especially because full moons can be so challenging, it is wonderful to have focus and purpose to direct the sometimes chaotic energies.

This month will be the Capricorn full moon, in the sign of Cancer. I chose a handful of cards that speak of this energy and chose from there. The 3 of cups turned up and I think this is a perfect card as it speaks of celebration, joy, play, and siblinghood. This is all something we could use more of!!

So lets go into the magic of this card in a deeper way through ritual, journalling, inquiry, visualizations and conversation.

Please bring your tarot decks if you have them, and find a quiet space for yourself where you can spend a few hours in ritual. I suggest having a candle and a representation of the elements: earth, air, fire, water, spirit. You can use tarot cards to represent the elements if you like.

Also bring A journal and pen and A blindfold to do visualization with if you need it.

(and please, come as you are. If you are not feeling well, or are depressed, or disparing this is an even better time to come. You don’t need to have your camera on. Just introduce yourself at the beginning so I know who you are.)

I look forward to celebrating with you!