Plant Spirit Meditations

*Live Zoom Sacred Plant Spirit Meditations *

Sunday July 04
10 – 11 AM
$10 or donation

Come and sit for an hour in sacred space with the healing power of the green. We will open a sacred circle, sip medicinal teas, and meditate with the plant spirits -inviting Divine flow, healing, and connection.

If you can, gather fresh clean weeds/herbs for yourself outside before our event. If not, you can use store bought dried herbs, herbal medicine tinctures, or (my favorite!) flower essences. Try to use just one or two plants. Don’t drink the tea before we start, but wait until we all are grounded and sip together. This will build deeper connection through mindfulness, ritual, and intention.

This event is children friendly, so if you are a mom and would like to come but will have children running around in the background, that’s fine! This is what mute is for! And this circle is less focused than the journey circle