Women’s Oracle Training

Seidr – Women’s Nordic Oracle Training

TBA October 2020
10:30 – 5:00
Blandford, NS Note date change

In earlier times women held positions of power because of their intimate connection with the Mother Goddess Earth. One of these great positions was that of the Oracle where women would sit in spiritual places and channel the wisdom of the Divine Feminine. All over the world women oracles would be consulted by individuals, families, and rulers to determine the correct way to live in right relationship with the earth and all beings. As patriarchal religious practices took over, the female Oracle was dismissed.
… but not lost.
We have the Oracle still within us, often it comes as a yearning to speak, or make sound, or be spoken through. Our bodies are ecstatic, oracular, and mediumistic and we crave this relationship again, but aren’t always sure how to proceed. I felt this for years until finally studying Seidr, a Norse oracular practice, in 2011.

This contemporary adaptation of the Norse Seidr (sythe) or High Seat, is a simple and fun way to begin oracular work. It requires some comfort with ritual, song, interacting with the spirit world, and the ability to go into light trance. Most women find it easy to do, because we were BORN to do this.

Our day will consist of a talk explaining the practice and ritual, followed by a number of guided journeys to get people acquainted with the places in the unseen realms where the oracle dwells. Next we will enact a High Seat ceremony with songs and trance induction. Students will participate by either being a singer or the Oracle herself.

The traditional role of the Oracle was to reveal hidden information, function as a healer, or interact with elemental forces of nature. In our training day, we will be asking questions pertaining to our life’s path, much like how you would consult an oracle deck or tarot. Please consider what you would like to ask the Oracle on this very special day.