13 Month Shamanic Apprenticeship Training Level 1


Our Apprenticeship Circle for 2020 is full. Please contact me if you would like to add your name to next year’s program.

4 Long weekends per year, monthly zoom classes, and weekly email assignments.

May 1,2,3
July 31, August 1,2
November 6,7,8
February 2020 TBA
May 2020 TBA

Blandford, NS

Pre-registration fee $200

This is a 13 month commitment in shamanic training, set up in 4 modules. Content will be organized and presented in a wheel of the year format aligning with the natural flow and rhythm of the earth. 

Each season’s module will contain shamanic practices of
-power building,
-sound doctoring,
-faery and elemental relationship,
-advanced shamanic healing instruction,
-hollow bone work.

Students will be entering a year of deep shamanic and personal gnosis, full of initiations and new discoveries.

The purpose of this training is to build strong, fulfilling, ethical, and authentic shamanic practices that get results, and to join in a practitioner circle for personal and collective healing.