Year Long Shamanic Apprenticeship Training Level 1


4 Long weekends per year, plus monthly zoom meetings.
Tentative Dates:
May 1,2,3
July 31, August 1,2
November 6,7,8
January 29, 30, 31
Blandford, NS
Please pre-register by April 01

This is a year long commitment in shamanic training, set up in 4 modules. Content will be organized and presented in a wheel of the year structure to align with the natural rhythms and balance of earth.

Each season’s module will contain shamanic practices of power building, sound doctoring,
Faery and elemental relationship, advanced shamanic healing instruction, embodiment, and hollow bone work. Students are required to commit to a year of deep shamanic and personal gnosis, along with reading and writing assignments. This is an experiential course, so there is need for students to be self motivated to complete 4 short term and 1 long term project and to attend all classes and zoom meetings. Each class builds on the one before. Group participation is essential, as well as the ability to follow instructions from a teacher in shamanic healing methods.

The purpose of this training is to build deep, fulfilling, ethical, and authentic shamanic practices with rigor and proven results.