Words from Our Ancestors.

Nov 12, 07:03 PM

I have been channeling the spirits for years, through written word, song, and healing ceremonies. I’ve been hearing messages for a while to include their words on my website and newsletter. I have been avoiding it! But I see now how it strengthens the connection and trust. So here is my first offering.

MY DEAR, you are so loved. You are so cared for. How can we say all of what we think of you. Yes, you’ve made mistakes but you are learning. You are learning as a human being. If only you could see what we see. Don’t despair on the past, it is not real. There is only now. In this moment, you are perfect just as you are. We are so happy that you have asked to speak with us on your blog. This is a very bold step, and one you should be proud of.

If I could address everyone on your newsletter, I would say to please know that you are from people who love you. That no matter how you feel inside and no matter what has happened in your life, you are a being of love that was made from love. We, the ancestors are sitting now in a field of love, feel that field surrounding you, protecting you, inviting you to be your true selves. Don’t fall victim to the programs of unworthiness, and don’t feed the programs in others either. See all humans as worthy, no matter how many mistakes they have made in the past. Everyone, at every moment has full potential to awaken. Be the person that facilitates that and not restricts it. You have a choice there: to support awakening or limit it. Always choose love.

Humans now talk incessantly about how we struggled in our lives, but dears you forget, we had our spiritual practices. We had relationships with our ancestors and our helping spirits who were very powerful. We lived big lives. We were not savages full of pain and disease. That came later, during the dark times. You as a civilization have improved on your external appearance, but inside you are much worse than we ever were. The dark times still lurk underneath your pretty appearances. So there is not yet balance, not yet improvement. Until you go below the surface of your clean and shiny exterior lives, you will never know the freedom and love we knew. Remember, you were born from love, we are that from which you were born.

-The Ancestors.