Aug 26, 05:30 PM

I’ve been thinking more and more about where creativity comes into my own life. I believe all these ancient ancestral practices of connection and belonging actually ignite our creative juices and that is actually the point of it. The point of ritual isn’t ritual, it’s to release or enhance or ignite something in relationship to spiritual forces. To make change happen. We use our creativity to make it real, to make the ritual work. With a reconnection to our own innate creativity we can begin to dream a new dream for the earth, and not just dream it, but actually create it.

Creativity is the key.

Firstly, everyone is creative. I never thought I was. I remember as a child grown ups would tell me I was so creative and I NEVER felt that. I thought I was the least creative person around. Looking back, I see that I was indeed very creative, but I only saw my insecurities and where I was lacking. And in my own wounded heart, I was lacking so very much, that even if I was creative I didn’t deserve to acknowledge it. So I punished myself by denying and suppressing my creativity. Many many hard decades later, I have been able to unravel those restricting beliefs and start to see and admit and even embrace and celebrate my creativity. Dare I say, if I can do it, anyone can? I’m really not sure if there’s any deeper point to life than to create and relate within the field of love. If we can love and create and relate, we are a blessing to the world, and oh my does the world need more of that!

There is so much talk about creating a new world, and yes we need to, but not from our minds, from our hearts. Our creative life must come from our hearts, and our minds must follow the heart. We need to first make this change in our own lives. I think that’s what Joseph Campbell meant when he said follow your bliss. Our bliss is our creative relational heart.