A Prayer for Healing, Balance, and Sacred Reciprocity

Mar 28, 05:20 PM

As I teach in all my workshops, in the evening I go up the hill on my land and feed the spirits of the earth. I’ve made a few “friends” this way and it allows me to say good night to the day and the spirit of place. I also get to take a moment to appreciate the weather, the setting sun, rising moon, and the various daily activities of change on the earth. Simple appreciation is what allows life to thrive. Having a consistent appreciation practice took years to develop as it brought up all my resistance, it’s also a subtle and humbling practice which takes time, quietude, and patience. I’ve also discovered that the “land” prefers meat, so I need to find something meaty every night to serve, and that is sometimes a pain. There are nights when the land just gets oats and cream or tuna juice.

The principle of reciprocity, “As above so below, as within so without”, was drilled into my body as a young shamanic student. I understood the concept, but it must be experienced and lived for a while. It inspired me to seek out inner harmony and balance as guiding principles, and it allows me to appreciate the subtle nuances of the weathers and land as voices of spirit whom I converse with. What I appreciate and acknowledge, appreciates and acknowledges back, and I feel tended to as I tend to it. I don’t assume that nature wants me there, and I try not to interrupt. I approach with reverence, and there are those special moments when I know that something was given or shown just for me, and those moments feed my soul. It takes a general slowing down of business to get into this flow and when people ask me why I don’t promote my business more on social media…this is why. I’m too busy being slow and quiet!

When I am finished feeding and appreciating, I say a prayer for the land, all the beings on the land, and all beings everywhere on earth. Sometimes my prayers are elaborate, and turn into outpourings of my deepest desires, and other times they are simple such as this:

May this land and all beings be free, may it be happy and free of suffering and the roots of suffering. May all beings be safe, have enough food to eat, be warm and dry tonight and get a good nights sleep. I love you.