Connection and Belonging at Imbolc

Feb 1, 11:05 AM

January 31st at sunset begins the feast day of Imbolc where we honour the strengthening sun and the fire in our hearts and bellies. Many practioners of the old ways tie a scarf outside at night during Imbolc to ask for blessings from Brighid for the coming year. I have been practicing this for over a decade and use the scarf for myself or clients when extra comfort and healing from the Goddess are needed. It is a beautiful yearly ritual and I invite all those who wish, to join me. Of course Brighid is with us all year long, but this time is particularly devoted to her. Imbolc is also a powerful time to make an offering of food, drink, and prayer to the land and waters for their healing and renewal. I think one could practice these rituals up until lunar astrological Imbolc on the 4th and still gather strength from these transformational cosmic forces.

In simple rituals such as these we remember and rekindle our connection and belonging to the earth and each other. A few nights ago I awoke from a dream, and in that liminal space felt the oneness of all beings. I felt I was part of one big being with earth, not one of billions of separate animals on earth. All animals are part of this one being with earth. This gifted presence lasted for hours, and although this is not a new experience it is always a reminder of a truth that can not be dismissed. And in simple daily ritual of honouring earth and the Divine, we remember more clearly this unity. In ritual we bless our lives that we are a part of this great magnificent force of life.

In these sacred days of unity leading to Imbolc, I was given the phrase “ I am connected with this, I belong here” to say throughout the day as kind of a mindfulness practice. I am connected with this life on earth in each and every moment, if I allow myself, and so are you. We all belong here. That is the sacred fire of Brighid, our belonging. She invites us back, not in a religious dogmatic sense but in the very aliveness and life force of earth. And if you like this phrase, you can use it too. What ever you do in your days, connect with it fully, and know that you belong here.

In response to these teachings which came to me through Spirit, I’ve made an essence blend from my Sedona and local flower and crystal essences. It is called Sacred Fire, and it ignites the forces of connection and belonging, healing the spaces in us which have forgotten this truth. The sacred fire is always here for us to come back to day after day no matter how lonely or off track we may have become. And for those with Celtic hearts, it is Brighid who tends the flame.