Ancient Practices Workshops and Retreats

Halifax Workshop on March 09

Come for a half day of exploring the sacred feminine art of the Oracle. For millennia the Oracle has been channeled by women for advice, counsel and support. We will go through the traditional steps of Seidr (Norse oracular ceremony) and Beth will enact a traditional High Seat for those wishing to ask questions. There will be discussion on Women’s oracular history in Western Culture and time for rune casting, divination, and journaling. Refreshments provided.

Cost $55 ($45 for Ancient Practices students)

Please bring:
Journal and pen
Sketch book and colours for drawing
Runes, oracle decks or tarot
If you like you may also bring drum or rattle, and objects for the altar

Ancient Practices Programs coming for 2019:

Summer Solstice Retreat: Ancient Practices Level 2: Audumbla

Fall Equinox Retreat: Ancient Practices Level 1 : Mamatus