Initial Consultations are $135 for 90 minutes.

This includes a brief introductory phone consultation if necessary, and flower essence remedy.

If you would like a longer session I can usually go to 2 or 2.5 hrs depending on the day’s schedule. There is a $35 charge for each additional half hour.

*there is a $15 fee for additional flower essences and essences on subsequent visits. Meaning-the first one is free!


Shamanic Methods for treating illness:

The word “Shaman” is rather confusing. To set things strait, it is an appropriated word from the Tungus tribe in Siberia that has become popularized in recent years. The Tungus are the only true people who can claim this word as their indigenous healing heritage. The rest of us use it to refer to a person who has been trained in methods, or has lineage, (or both) of spiritual power and relationship. These spiritual methods are used to communicate with the world of spirit (ancestors, plants, elements, divinity) to facilitate healing and transformation in our lives. The main spiritual method used to communicate with spirit(s) is called the shamanic journey.

There are various ways to journey and communicate with the spirit world. In working with clients, I use the method taught to me by Michael Harner in his courses on Core Shamanism. I also use a method more in line with my own cultural healing heritage of Norse Oracular Mediumship taught to me by Betsy Bergstrom. Both these methods allow me to enter into a light trance and receive helpful information and healing energy for the client.

Depending on the nature of the illness or problem, I may use a combination of journey methods and skills to relieve suffering. The main premise is that much of our suffering shows up in the mind and body but is not of the mind or body. Mental and physical suffering are indicators of deeper spiritual and energetic problems. When these influences are released on the spiritual and energetic level, they can be then released from the mind and body. This can happen quite instantly but often happens over time as many layers of trauma are released.

The body has its own intelligence and knows that spiritual awakening must not happen all at once.

The mind and body system store memory patterns of trauma, which need to be effectively released over time. So the root cause, but also the memory pattern both need to be released, especially if the roots of suffering have been there for a while. Physical and mental problems caused by spiritual illness also must be treated. I use a number of western psychosomatic healing modalities including flower essences, as well as traditional therapies to help with this.

Here are short definitions of some of the shamanic therapies I use:

Extraction Healing A spiritual kind of energy healing which removes obstacles and blockages from the energy and emotional bodies. This leads to greater feelings of clarity, movement, and comfort in the body and mind.

Power Animal and Spiritual Guide Retreival We all have spiritual guides and animals who accompany us throughout our lives serving as our companions and protectors. In today’s culture this is often misunderstood or ignored leading to power loss and loneliness. This ceremony reconnects us to our ancestral guardians bringing much joy and peace to the soul.

Soul Retrieval In times of crises or trauma our souls can become fragmented or detached from the core of our being. This results in soul loss which can have devastating effects such as addictions, dreariness, emptiness, loss of vitality, and direction. Long term soul loss can lead to severe depression, but even mild soul loss can cause a person to loose their way and get stuck in life. Soul retrieval brings back the vitality of the soul to the individual so that they can move forward with their lives.

Depossession With soul loss and other traumas, a person’s energy field is weakened. If it is significantly weakened, they may be subject to attachment from suffering beings. Compassionate Deposession releases the Suffering Being from the energy field of the client bringing immense relief to both parties.

Sound Doctoring This is a form of energy healing where the subtle body is accessed through sound vibrations. Our subtle bodies are our gateways to the soul. I use a combination of song, drum, rattle, lyre, and tuning forks to gently access the healing power of the soul. This is a profound treatment and a beautiful compliment to a soul retrieval or post soul retrieval follow up.

Healing with Spiritual Light This is a beautiful practice where the client receives hands on healing. Spiritual light gently moves through the body, much like sound, and breaks up congestion and energetic obstruction. This modality is often accompanied with crystal and sound healing. Our bodies/minds/spirit are always moving towards health and wholeness, this healing practice reminds the body of it’s innate healing power, and guides the person back into it’s own resonance of balance and harmony.

Shamanic Healing is a pan global ancestral practice. It belongs to all of us as all of our roots are indigenous. It has been around for at least 40 thousand years. It works. It is the foundation of ALL forms of medicine and therapy. Patterns of trauma (personal, familial, collective, ancestral) are what block any form of healing, recovery, and transformation. If you find that “nothing works” you most likely are looking at ancestral trauma and dissociation. Ancestral trauma blocks us from feeling our hearts and bodies, and connecting back to earth. Ancient and contemporary eastern and western mind/body practices, if done regularly will get you back in your body and grounded on earth. Then the healing begins. Then, we can change our lives, and the course of our very culture and humanity.