Feeding the Ancestors

Nov 1, 02:34 PM

It’s time for ancestral rooting: grounding ourselves in those mysterious ancient places which dwell inside each of us. The halfway point between the equinox and solstice is the inbetween time that the Celts loved and celebrated for it’s magic and potency. It was their New Year; the darkest time before the light. We may feel the call and pull of our ancient lineages more strongly now. Our psychic senses on high, noticing slight movements in the twilight, feeling the moon’s guidance, or hearing soft whispers in the wind. These are our ancestors coming close while the veil is thin. It’s hard to say good bye to summer and face the impending winter, but the reward is this soft quiet closeness of ancient magic.

It’s time to feed the spirits. Bring a plate of food out at twilight to leave for the spirits of place and your ancestors, or leave a plate inside for the evening on an ancestor altar. This is a practice I hold dear and want to share with everyone because it is so enriching. People who yearn to be connected with their place on earth, will find it. Those longing to connect to ancient wisdom and magic, will find it. Those wishing to forge deeper relationships with the faery folk, will find that too.

Allow the critters outside to finish the plate off or bring it back in before bed.

Don’t ever eat spirit food, as it has already been energetically eaten. Throw it out, if you aren’t feeding the night creatures.