Let There Be Light!

Apr 24, 02:50 PM

Change is afoot. April felt like a long dark birth canal with crappy weather and edgy planetary alignments. Life felt weighted and tense. Advice from a dear friend: hold on and let go. Sometimes one looks around and asks, “what’s there to hold on to? What do I let go of?”
I’ve begun an evening practice of looking at my day, and letting go of anything that’s clinging to my thoughts. Perhaps something that didn’t go as well as I had hoped, or some fresh new horror in the news. Releasing the day before bed has quickly become a cherished contemplative practice.

I would say in general this month, I’ve amped up my spiritual practices considerably. One reason is that I’ve let things slide, but another reason is because the world just seems to have gone completely sideways. Instead of feeling despair, I can sit with Spirit and be grateful for my life and the life I see around me. Although it seems the political powers that be are hell bent on selling us fast food consumption of everything and anything. (It’s like we can’t destroy our world fast enough.) I am also so completely in awe at the growing number people who are turning to the earth, each other, and all beings with fierce and vast love.

May Day is next week along with the full moon. It’s the time when the faeries and nature spirits are close to the earth. The veil thins and we can almost touch each other. The full moon will heighten that. I feel them intensely now, as the etheric body of the earth is stronger in the spring. That life force and light we feel in nature is their energy. To me it feels like a cooling bubbling underground spring of pure water swirling around my body. It gives me relief knowing that I’m not alone here. Even as we totally mess up the planet, we aren’t alone, we do have spiritual help. But we have to ask. And all together, we can change things. Co-creation.

Faith has been a big test for me in my life. I think it is for most on this path. And by “this path” I I mean the path of Earth as Living Being. Earth and Universe as an alive consciousness and the direct experience of our Galaxy and Earth in a living relationship. This relationship with what some call The Web of Life, is where I ground my essence. And without it, I go adrift, and when I’m adrift, I think dark thoughts. Simple as that. It would appear that most of the people on this planet are adrift, disconnected from the Web of Life. Dark thoughts can turn to dark deeds, without something to bring a person back into connection. We all must find the practice(s) which bring us back into living relationship with the web of life. And frankly, that’s a tall order because our culture all but lost this connection a long time ago. We all have ancestors that lost their way, and we all carry wounds and degrees of amnesia from that collective problem. It’s not impossible to remedy, because we also have ancestors that lived in a good way and we can learn from them. But we each must do our work.

The good news is The Web of Life wants us back, and it welcomes us. There’s no shaming or blaming from nature and spirit. You just step back into relationship a little bit each day. And that consistent practice of relationship is what opens the door for deeper connection. We need maps for this re-entering and I can say that my shamanic practice is my map and has been for 15 years. It’s not indigenous or traditional, but it’s intent is to reweave my tear in the Web of Life. It was my soul’s longing that steered me to shamanism, and it’s the relief and gratitude of relationship that keeps me deepening my practice. It feels like I’m tested on this daily, but I suppose that’s still necessary. There are a few spots left for my intro to shamanism class in early May and my new course Middle World Work in June is open for enrollment. If this work inspires you, please join us.

Beltane Blessings!