Welcome Spring!!!

Mar 20, 10:42 AM

It’s Spring! The Spring Equinox (equal night) begins when our sun enters the zodiacal sign of Aries. Aries is the beginning of the zodiac, our yearly solar wheel. The new moon just passed on the 17th, so we are at the beginning of a moon cycle as well. The old year has finally and truly ended with the passing of Pisces. Everything is new. And we can start anew.

Our Celtic ancestors celebrated this time with wild dancing in the woods. It was probably still too cold for the sexual exploits of Beltane, but indeed the feeling of bursting out and going wild must have been intense after the stark and desperate days of winter. We made it! For the next 8 or so months the bone cold fingers of the Cailleach can not scrape at our necks. We are free. For a time. But right now, right this moment, as we stand in equal portions of day and night, that time is all ahead of us.

Rest, relax, breathe, take that in for a moment. The Equinox is energetically a time for balance so we don’t burn out before the Summer Solstice! There may be a few things in the closet to take care of.

We can look to the ancient Dawn and Fertility Goddesses: Persephone, Freya, Artemis, Kaltes, Lada, Flora who were honoured by our ancestors at this time. Calling on the dawn goddess for her blessings, would ensure prosperity and abundance for the community during the harvest season. We are awakening into the time of light and fire. Our prayers are still for the year in front of us. Perhaps we have new ideas and projects that need a bit of initiatory fire blessing to get going or to continue. A few of the Dawn Goddess symbols were birds, bunnies, and eggs, all symbols of magic, healing, and fertility. What project or goal in your life could use a little magic, healing, and fertility?!

For me, I’ve had a dream of offering more advanced shamanic workshops and retreats, to the more serious students who want to take their shamanic practice further. The timing hasn’t been right until now. So this is in the works, but I do need some help from the Great Goddess to get this all under way. I don’t want another year to go by. So my spring altar will have these symbols of the Goddess plus a written description of the classes I want to share. I will include supportive tarot cards and candles and perhaps images of my own helping spirits who are encouraging me from the other side. It takes a lot of discipline to cut out the distractions and get a project moving, altars can be focus points for this very important work. Another simpler version of an altar is a vision board. A kind of two dimensional altar. I read somewhere that the Spring Equinox is THE power time of the whole year to make a vision board. When I think of vision boards, I think of the master Vicki Noble. Her vision boards are breathtaking and she has made a lot happen in her life. I spent a day with her at her kitchen table in Santa Cruz in my mid 30s. We combed through my birth chart and she taught me Dakini Rituals. I hold that day as a day of pure magic in my life. A day that continues to inform and feed me. Kind of like a living psychic altar.

So blessings to all at this energetically wild weathery time, may the bright forces come together to free your dreams and desires.