Voices Within

Sep 30, 08:05 PM

Last month I made a quick reference on Facebook to our ancestors. I had been experiencing deep ancestral grief over a number of days for which I was practicing mindfulness and self compassion. In an earlier time I would have been flooded with somatic sensation and perhaps lost myself in grief for weeks or even months. I’ve learned to stay with these feelings and be close but not let them over take me. I find this somatic processing one of the best tools of our time, as so many of us are so sensitive and there is much karma being released in the collective field. I’m sure many of you are like me, whose spirit has taken on the task of collective shadow processing. Wether its our personal or collective shadow we are processing, mindfulness and self compassion are key to successful understanding.

Back to the ancestors. I learned just in time, that from the full to the new moon every September is in the Vedic tradition the time of honouring the ancestors. They will show up with gifts or unprocessed grief for us to assimilate and heal at this time of year. Knowing what to do with this grief allowed me to sit with it, feel it fully, and transmute it through my body, breath, and heart. I spent several evenings with them around the fire, inviting their words and tears and wisdom, and offering my presence and breath. I gained deeper insight into their lives and how they could support me live mine. It was a merging of our worlds, and we were able to sit in a place of unity for a time.

During this time a client was experiencing intense ancestral visitations as well, and she has given me permission to share a part of her story. During a healing session we were able to localize and extract a part of her ancestral trauma into a holding field outside her body. In a later session we organized a small ceremony to visit this localized pain and ask it what it needed to heal. In that ceremony we experienced a number of things, some the same and some different. What I experienced from this localized pain, was a vast number of ancestors, hundreds of them dating back maybe thousands of years. They were shadowed and grieving because they had lost their connection to Source/God/dess/Spirit. The thing is, each of them was surrounded in a field of source light, they just didn’t know it. They had been told over and over, and eventually believed that they had been cast out, in exile from the love of Spirit. They had not lost their connection, they had not been cast out, they only thought they had. I spoke to them and pointed out what I saw, which was clearly the field of source love around every single one of them no matter what they had done in their lives. At that moment a shift in consciousness and healing took place. We then sat in that presence until we ended the session. I Haven’t yet spoken with this person about any changes this made in her own life, but I would suspect that changes will unfold for the better.

And this is the work that my own ancestors were interested in as well. Sharing this vision that we were never cast out. We, and our ancestors, never were abandoned by God/dess/Source/Self/Love, no matter what we did. We were just told that over and over until a lot of us believed it. And with that belief came crushing hopelessness. We are living in dark times indeed, but we also all see lights of hope everywhere. And we can connect with these lights and let them mirror our own true divine nature, our own light. And in doing that, the light gets stronger. The light of love, presence, beauty, forgiveness, kindness, generosity, healing-they are all there, they never left us. This is our divinity. And as the divine forces grow inside us, giving us strength, we are able to confront and transmute our own darkness more and more, which feeds the collective good. It’s a cycle of inner work and healing and it’s what is required of us at this time. Remember, you are never alone in this, we are in it together.