The Weather Report

Apr 7, 10:26 AM

For the past 8 years, I have been studying the spiritual aspects of weather, including training with a shamanic practicum in the US. The training has come to it’s completion, but my personal study of spiritual weather continues. There are all kinds of shamanic acrobatics that one can do in order to dissect and study realities, but in the end I believe the work is very simple. If everyday we ask ourselves this question, we will learn what we need to know:

“What can I do today to fully participate in the Mystery?” Or perhaps, “How can I serve the Mystery today?”

I have been hearing a lot of complaints this spring about the weather. Nothing new. As if, the weather cares anything about our petty human agendas like planning an outing or going to work. I have even heard of people using their “manifesting” techniques to try and change the weather to fit their personal needs. We must stop this, and think about what we are actually doing. And then we can begin to look a bit deeper.

Here are some suggestions:

Weather is the prana, or life force of Gaia, Mother Earth. Without weather in all of it’s expressions, there would be no life. As Gaia’s systems get more polluted and depleted, she is working harder than ever to breathe fresh prana into every corner of her body. In order to clear all that is stuck, her weather is getting more extreme. She is working very, very hard to stay healthy. How can we help her? We can help her first by stepping back and accepting her incredible intelligence and skill in self healing and self regulating with weather. We are one species on the planet. It’s not about us.

At the beginning of my weather training, I met a compassionate weather deity. She told me: “If all humans on earth learned to breathe properly, the planet’s weather would be balanced and harmonious.” Think about that one. This one instruction changed the entire course of my study for the better. My weather practice became my breath practice.

What humans appreciate and turn their attention to thrives; what they direct anger or disgust towards suffers; and what they neglect, withers and dies. What power we have! From that teaching, we can understand how important it is to spend a moment every day appreciating our lives, no matter what our circumstances may be. Extending this practice further, take a moment to appreciate Mother Earth and her incredibly intelligent system of prana – the weather. A moment of weather appreciation each day, no matter what is outside, will more than pay you back in love.

Weather has feelings. In spite how we treat her, she wants to connect with us and be appreciated for her hard work. We can learn so much about our lives by sitting with weather and forming bonds of friendship. Maybe extreme weather isn’t for you; try a dancing breeze, a gentle rain, or a bit of lightning in the sky at first. Make friends with a common weather pattern, and you may be surprised when and how she shows up. Then try extending your friendship to weather you normally wouldn’t enjoy, such as driving wind, or snow in April. She is not your enemy. Learn to share space with someone who doesn’t support your personal values and agendas. There is a bigger picture at work.

These are a few of the key points I’ve distilled from my training. If you can incorporate these practices into your life, you will discover abundant beauty within your being. I can promise that. Breathe, accept what is without trying to change things, then fully appreciate what comes naturally. This is where true intimacy can develop. Any spiritual practice of earth communion embraces all weather.