SEASPRAYS: Space Clearing Aura Mists

Since 2009
$28 per 100ml spray bottle

Energy Clearing and Enhancing Aura Mists

How They Are Made

SeaSprays are made with distilled water, flower and stone essences, ocean essences created on the new and full moons, hand ground and blended fine sea salts, pure essential oils and vodka.

Mist when you need to:

-clear a space
-uplift a room
-prepare for a ceremony or meditation
-cleanse yourself or a space after unhealthy influences
-clear your body or mind after emotional, mental, or psychic disturbances
-come back to your True Self
-get a fresh perspective
-set the space for creativity

All sprays are lightly scented with the purest essential oils so they are safe for children and pets.


Opening, Harmonizing, Balancing Spray for Peace!

Great for a quick energy balance
Helps you feel:
Great as a pillow spray for a restful sleep
Works well in healing rooms, and bedrooms
Gently shifts energy to a calmer vibration

Pure French lavender essential oil, full moon ocean essence, Apple Blossom, Blue Flag Iris, Echinacea, Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz, hand ground sea salt mixture, pure water, vodka


Powerfully clears negative or unhealthy forces from your energy system or space!

Heavy Duty clearing
Excellent for Energy Workers, Healers, Shamanic Practitioners, and those that attract a lot of unwanted psychic energy.
Clears stuck and stagnant energy from bodies and spaces
Environmental Spray
Purifies air
Clears emotional toxicity

Rosemary and juniper essential oils, starry new moon ocean essence, Clover, Peony, St. John’s Wort, White Rose, Amethyst, and Obsidian, hand ground sea salt mixture, pure water, vodka


Bringing in the Life Force Energy of the Summer Solstice!
Sunna is the name of the Norse Sun Goddess

Brings Beauty to a place
Uplifts and Energizes
Great for a morning wake up, or a mid afternoon pick up
Beautiful for creating sacred space
Gently clears and uplifts after heavy conversations
Ideal in the winter time
Shifts out of depressing or hopeless thoughts
Brings beauty to dreary work environments

Grapefruit, Geranium, Ginger essential oils, summer solstice ocean essence, Calendula, Lady’s Slipper, Morning Glory, Sunflower, Citrine, Lepediolite, hand ground sea salt mixture, pure water, vodka


Calls in the Loving energy of Mother Nature

Soft and Protective
A wonderful Prosperity Spray
Helps you focus on gratitude and abundance
Reconnects you to your earth roots
Nature Spirits and Faeries LOVE this spray
Wonderful for making wishes
Lovely creativity spray for art studios or other creative spaces

Frankincense, Black Spruce, Wild Orange essential oils, New Moon Ocean Essence, Borage, Cinquefoil, Clover, Dandelion, Green Tourmaline, Sacred Spring, hand ground sea salt mixture, pure water, vodka