Request from the Natural World

Dec 8, 02:11 PM

The earth is quiet and breathtaking as we approach the Winter Solstice. There is a connectedness, a communion going on that whispers of hope and joy. The web of life feels unified as it breathes it’s winter sleep. I am part of this as I stand on our little hill top with my druid staff and morning tea. Drinking in the sunrise and bird calls, I feel the hope and the life force around me. Life does want to live to it’s fullest. Each little bit of life from the mint still growing in my garden, to the finches at my feeder, to the pink dewey clouds in the sky. All of Nature wants to live it’s life to the max. And it wants to speak. So it’s time to listen. I’m going to share what I heard this morning.

This desire to live life to the absolute fullest. Humans are the ONLY species that seem to suppress this desire: the instinct to thrive. (And when I say thrive, I mean thrive within the web of life, not outdoing each other with biger houses and the latest vacation resort) If you were an Extraterrestrial on a school field trip flying by earth to observe, you’d wonder why these humans had a death wish! Why do we? Certainly Nature asks us this everyday. This is a question that shamans, spiritual healers, earth based peoples, and many others have been asking and addressing for quite some time. We are in the most massive extinction since the dinosaurs. We are loosing our forests (our natural earth balancing habitat), clean water sources, animals, and glaciers, faster than any of us can imagine. We are living mostly with global governments that support this agenda, and there are still way too many people that are shut down and unwilling to look at their own behavior and life choices that contribute to this mindless destruction. But I do know with 100% certainty that we have the power, as a human collective, to turn this all around through our own consciousness.

Healing from this destructive path will take everything we have, and bring us to the edge of what we thought was possible within ourselves. We are so much infinitely more powerful than we think we are. We can do it. The earth has faith in us. For me, a pivotal moment was in my early 30’s when I was old enough to have the self awareness to realize there was a part of me that didn’t care. Part of me really just didn’t care if humans went on as a species or not, and that our natural ecosystems were being destroyed. That realization sent me on a path of deep psychological/spiritual healing, which started with the releasing of the toxic sludge from millennia of conditioning. What began all this violence towards life? There are many opinions and theories out there from Aliens to viruses, and there are many healers addressing this. If you are looking for answers and antidotes, go to the natural world, and go soon. The rocks and trees and turtles know. They remember, because they were there. They will tell you how it all started and what you need to do to heal. I did this, and still do.

Although over 10 years later, I am still healing from millennia of ancestral pain and conditioning, I can say with certainty that I care deeply for the continuation of our current species and ecosystems. And if anyone reading this, has that old paradigm mind state, know that this isn’t our natural state. The natural state is to love and celebrate life! To fully engage 100% in the joy of creation, to care for one another, and to thrive here on earth. Not on some imaginary ascended plane of existence, but right here, right now. And something that Edward Snowden (my hero) recently said on video, is that not all of us have the capacity to fight for justice in big external ways. So if you are one of those people, And if you are able, support those that are out there standing for life on earth with your money. Donate what you can to healthy balanced causes that are working against the destructive paradigm. They need us more than ever.

And from Mama Earth to all of us, “come out into me and rejoice. In this way, we will all heal”

And may peace, grace, and joy be with you over the holy days of Yule.