Full Moon Blessings

Nov 15, 03:25 PM

During this confusing challenging time of life on earth, don’t forget, we were made for these times. (See my post a few months back). We are supposed to be here with each other living life.
And tonight while we bathe in the light of the largest moon of our lifetimes, we can feel the power of our ancestors standing behind us, supporting our strength to create a world worth living in. So take some time tonight to envision what that world feels like.

The full moon in Taurus, ruled by Venus, is about beauty. What in your life is beautiful? What are the beautiful aspects of life that you value deeply? What in life is worth taking a stand for, to preserve? For me I just have to go outside and see the chickadees at my feeder, the sun sparkling on the ocean, and the fresh wind on my face. This kind of real life beauty can not be denied. Can not be replaced by simulated reality.

The full moon is also a time of releasing and forgiving. There is much shadow work to be done if we are to evolve. The collective shadow is right in our faces now. Our shadow work involves looking at all those places in us that we like to keep under wraps, with eyes of forgiveness and compassion. Being kind to those places of madness, chaos, and confusion. Forgiving ourselves and others.

Dancing stars are born from chaos…

And as always but perhaps more necessary than ever, it’s time to come back to the present moment. To come back home to centre after moments of anger or fear, and remember what’s true and eternal. We are human beings living on earth in 2016, and we are also dancing stars living in all times and places, becoming reborn each day.

Let this time of global political insanity not become normalized. Let us continue to look at it for what it is. Wrong. Too many bright lights have been dulled and distracted by our culture of over consumption, ignorance, and hatred. We must step back and reclaim what is ours. Our sacredness. With open hearts to the earth, each other, and ourselves, we must own our sacredness in every moment. That’s real.