Staying Balanced

Sep 8, 07:48 PM


If you’re having a rough time, just know it IS a rough time. Astrological transits are causing old unhealthy patterns to resurface. It’s a tense time in between eclipses with Mercury in Retrograde, and other big planets at hard aspects. I don’t know anyone who is finding this easy. We all have moments of despair and hopelessness, but we also now have the tools to shift back to our true selves. Don’t forget that.

If you find yourself at wits end this month, then first of all check to see if you are taking care of your body and your health. This eclipse has a lot to do with health and self care because it was in Virgo.
Then tune into your breathing patterns; are you taking time to have nice deep, slow, even breaths that fill you down in your hips?
Also look at your schedule, are you filling every spare second with work? The Fall Equinox is always about balance and without it, we can literally fall over the edge. So make sure you are at a sustainable pace. Perhaps it’s the opposite, and you’re having trouble getting motivated. Again, Mercury retrograde is a time to revisit old patterns, programs, and projects. Perhaps there is some re-visioning to do before you can move forward freely again.

Sitting in nature and earthing your body, is something I talk about a lot as being the Great Healer. If there ever was a time to do this, now’s the time. And don’t forget to do something every day that you love doing. And maybe that could be deep breathing in nature. But it could also be patting the cat, or singing or dancing, or drawing with your favorite colours, or taking a flower bath. Reaching out to a friend that you can trust with your feelings might be helpful.

And of course flower essences are perfect for this intense period. I recommend my heart or root chakra blends right now for grounding and staying heart centered, but if you are aware of particular issues that are rising up, you may want to focus on a different chakra. I have good descriptions on my essence page about the various qualities of our chakras. I also make a special eclipse remedy for people who are going deep into their shadow work. It’s called Persephone and it’s very powerful when there’s no other way out but through. Please contact me if you are interested in the Persephone Remedy. The chakra remedies are sold in various stores across Nova Scotia or you can order them through me.

Be Brave!
Equinox Blessings,