Yoga and Sound

Sheila and Beth are co-creating an evening of inner awareness and grounding through improvised sounds and yoga. Sheila’s tantric based classes focus on deep gentle yoga postures to calm and refresh the mind and body. Beth improvises with drum, rattle, singing bowls, flute, and voice to support the healing flow of the postures.

Merging chakra based yoga with elemental sounds invites the body/mind/spirit to integrate awareness and pure being.

Sheila’s classes are warm and caring, inspired by the moon and seasons. Accessible to all levels, yet surprisingly challenging for those that want an extra challenge. Sheila and Beth are childhood friends and their ability to read each other and work together creates an atmosphere of harmony, balance, and safety.

What are people saying? Many leave the class feeling more integrated and relaxed. The music helps people go inward and feel. People remark on sleeping better, feeling calmer, and even entering into visionary states where they can let themselves be free.

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