Scorpio's Transformation

Nov 9, 10:30 AM

Scorpio is a sign of purification and healing. November is a time when we experience a kind of psychic or energetic death before the rebirth on the winter solstice. This new moon in Scorpio on Wednesday is Lunar Samhain, so some might feel like they are cooking right “in” the cauldron of transformation.

What I’m feeling right now is a lot of possibility. I know others are feeling this too. These next few days are the perfect time to perform releasing ceremonies with water, since Scorpio rules the water element. If you are feeling touchy or edgy, it’s time to amp up the releasing rituals. Time to get really specific with the “let it go” practices. Saturn is holding space for us to be methodical with this. The Gods want specifics. Old limiting beliefs about your abilities or potential might be in the way of the life that is truly yours. So take some time to see if there are any limiting behaviors or beliefs keeping you back. THEN release them before the new moon.

On the new moon, or a day or two after, take a bold step and rewrite your story. Your past and your future. How can you change your old story of victimhood or loss into a hero’s story of power? You may have done something like this before, but from what I’ve been reading about the planetary alignments right now, it’s time to do it again. Perhaps, if you haven’t done so already, it’s time to rewrite your new story from a more global perspective. I know I want to see compassion, tolerance, and equality throughout the world. How have I made that more of a reality in my own microcosm? How can I tap into these forces on a daily basis? How can I rewrite my future with these as the guiding principles of my life? How might my choices look different?

Our social structure and systems have been built for a long time with the “what’s in it for me” mentality. What does a healthy society with a higher guiding principle look like? Time to write the new story.

Happy Lunar Samhain Everyone!